London, Jul 30: Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has lost 40lbs but she never thought she would be described as “too skinny” as she’s always been called “too fat” before. Kardashian, who underwent major weight loss after undergoing a strict diet and exercise regime, said she was shocked when people recently started saying she had taken it to far, reported Female First. (ALSO READ: Khloe Kardashian shuts down body-shamers in an epic way) Also Read - Kim Kardashian West Finally Shares Jaw-Dropping Pictures From Christmas Eve And Fans Can't Keep Calm!

Writing on her Twitter account, she said, “I need to remember the date today!! Never would I have ever thought I would be in the media for being “too skinny”. What on earth?!?! First I’m too fat and now I’m too skinny. I love this game!!” Also Read - Kim Kardashian Reveals She Doesn't Feel 'Sexy' With Short Hair

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