Looking at the trailer of Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor‘s movie Ki and Ka, one wondered why more men cannot be house husbands. The movie features Arjun as a man who has no qualms with an ambitious working wife and chooses to stay at home and look after it. The R Balki-directed film raises a few questions in the mind of a working woman: Why do only men who have rich or diplomat wives do that? Why not normal, middle-class men who see that their wife is intelligent and has the potential to be the chief executive officer (CEO) of her company, or even start her own company?Also Read - Kya Ho Raha Hai? Kareena Kapoor Khan Hilariously Reacts To Kim Kardashian's Quirky Met Gala 2021 Look

Here are seven reasons we think Ki and Ka would be a working woman’s dream, and especially one who is married: Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Finally Breaks Silence On Hiking Her Fee For Playing Sita, This Is What She Has To Say

1. A working woman wants to be VP, COO and CEO, too: Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Is Back On The Sets Of Laal Singh Chaddha, Spotted In Rs 50,000 Gucci Tee | See Pics

Ki and Ka07

Why should men take all the top positions in an organisation? A working woman wants to rise up the ladder, too. And often when a woman is offered one, she has to refuse the post simply because she needs to devote time at home, too. Either to husband or kids or in-laws or all! Of course, she lets go of a promotion or job relocation for all this. It’s time things changed! And Kareena Kapoor Khan shows just that in the film. She is not scared to put the point across to her boyfriend that she wants the top job and nothing else!

2. A working woman wants to have sex when she wants it!

ki and ka kiss and sex scene

Yes, Ki and Ka shows house husband Arjun Kapoor telling his working wife that he’s too tired for sex, and guess what – she can’t hear a ‘no’! She rules the bedroom too and wants to get intimate at her will! The hubby happily obliges.

3. A working woman may not wear a mangalsutra (but the husband could):

Ki and Ka06

LOL. That says it all. In Ki and Ka, Arjun Kapoor is seen wearing a mangalsutra that Kareena Kapoor helps him wear. This is a perfect role reversal, but it need not have been so cliched! As long as Hindu women are not forced to wear the mangalsutra, bangles and toe-rings post marriage, it’s fine. We don’t want our husbands to wear the ‘symbol of love’ either.

4. A working woman wants a husband like Arjun Kapoor – ‘Ka’!

Ki and Ka 01

Ambitious or not, almost every working woman dreams of having a husband like Arjun Kapoor in Ki and Ka! The one who helps around the house and cooks if need be, or all the time! In the Ki and Ka trailer, the song in the background says, “Yeh hai most wanted munda“. Sure enough, such a darling of a man is in today’s time the most eligible bachelor! And even after knowing that ‘Ki’ is fiercely ambitious, he wants to marry her and generally chill in life as her ‘wife’. Awesome!

5. A working woman can get late at work!

Ki and Ka05

Get this straight – single or married, a working woman can get late at work due to workload or meetings! Be prepared, husband! Ki and Ka shows a much in love husband Arjun Kapoor asking Kareena Kapoor whether she is gonna get late.

6. A working woman can run the house alone – and we mean financially!

Ki and Ka09

There’s a scene in Ki and Ka where Arjun the ‘housewife’ asks Kareena the ‘husband’ for money for household expenses. And why not? When most men and women are horrified if they see a woman earning more than a man in a relationship, Ki and Ka sets it straight. What is the big deal? She can pay her bills, all right!

7. A working woman is still ‘protected’ and ‘saved’ by her house husband:

Ki and Ka03

Well, physically a working woman might still be weaker than dangerous men who attack her outside the home. And here’s the chance for her house husband to show his macho side and kick some ass! He cares for her at home, cooks for her, removes her shoes when she falls asleep after a long day, and also protects her from gundas on the road. PERFECT!

If Ki and Ka works, we hope for it open some doors for working women in the hearts of broad-minded men, and also open the minds of narrow-minded men who think only they can rule a marriage or office. And hats off to the couples who are already leading a life like Ki and Ka! But then, be prepared for some fights, too, as is shown in Ki and Ka. Watch the trailer of Ki and Ka right here and have fun!