The R. Balki directorial film ‘Ki & Ka’ will hit the silver screens today (April 1). It is one of the most awaited rom-com of the year as it features an unusual pair in the lead roles – Kareena Kapoor Khan as Kia and Arjun Kapoor as Kabir. By watching the trailer of the film the idea was conveyed that it based on gender equality. The curiosity to watch this role reversal based film will surely be high as it is directed by the ‘Cheeni Kum’ director who created sheer magic with his work. So here is our take on Kia and Kabir who is the unusual modern couple trying to change the traditional gender roles in Indian society.Also Read - 'All I Want Is Make You Smile'! Arjun Kapoor Drops Mushy Photo For Ladylove Malaika Arora

The beginning of the film is quite gripping as it starts with the party song High Heels. The glamorous diva Kareena Kapoor Khan is shown as a bit shy girl attending a grand wedding reception but on the other hand you’ll also get to know her opinion on the concept of marriage. Moving from the traditional look of the diva, you’ll see the sexy corporate robot who in middle of a flight journey busy working on her laptop, happens to meet the handsome hunk Arjun Kapoor but in a much unexpected way. Within minutes the duos turn good friends. (ALSO READ: Ki and Ka song High Heels OUT: Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan groove crazily to this party anthem) Also Read - 'Once Upon A Time In Greece'! Kareena Kapoor Khan Shares Adorable Anniversary Note For Saif Ali Khan

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This friendship turns to regular meetings and somehow flirting too. Kia who is a career oriented woman was thrilled to come across a man (Kabir) who happens to be a MBA topper and has no plans to do any business despite been a richie rich. Yes, Kabir’s father Mr. Bhansal (Rajit Kapur) is a big time businessman but his son’s idea of life (to become homemaker like his mother) shatters him like anything. Moving on to the cheesy couple, Kabir and Kia who happen to share same birth date falls in love and decides to get married on the day they share their birthday. It is not an issue here that the lady is three years older to the man. (ALSO READ: Ki & Ka stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor’s sexy chemistry on Filmfare cover cannot be ignored!)

Things in the film start getting ugly when Kabir and Kia decide for a register marriage and Kia’s mom (Swaroop Sampat) their witness. It is bit weird when Kabir wants Kia to tie his mother’s mangalsutra around his neck (ya the gender reversal point). Kabir acts like a typical wife – taking care of household chores, managing the bills by asking Kia to give money, successfully keeping Kia and her mother happy and away from the corporate rat race. By the way, post marriage Kabir stays with Kia and her mother at their rented apartment. On the other hand Kia is busy climbing the ladder of success in the corporate world. (ALSO READ: Ki and Ka trailer: Arjun Kapoor is the typical ‘wife’ and Kareena Kapoor Khan a ‘corporate robot’)

If at all Kareena has mentioned in the past, (as per rumours) that she won’t kiss any of her male co-star after marriage then the diva has broken all the promises. Whether the scenario in the film is happy or sad – there is oodles of kissing and love making scenes between Kia and Kabir. This love story between new age couple, who tries to show gender equality, has showed the concept in a confused way. But there comes a point when even Kia gets jealous of Kabir. That’s when the lovey-dovey situation turns into illogical fights. (ALSO READ: Will Saif Ali Khan be jealous seeing Kareena Kapoor Khan kissing Arjun Kapoor in the latest Ki and Ka poster?)

What you’ll love is the post interval scenes when Kabir lands up meeting Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. That meet will show some beautiful and meaningful dialogue delivery between Big B and his gorgeous wife Jaya. In fact, watching that scene you will actual feel that this onscreen and off-screen couple should have had a lengthy role in the film. The actual role reversal based concept comes out in the climax and that message is something each and every individual will accept.

The amazing filmmaker R. Balki could have actually not showed that money leads to inequality. Without playing role reversal, men can actually help their ladylove in their daily chores and not be jealous even if she is successful in the corporate world. A man and a woman being equally involved can balance life rather than showing unnecessary female dominance. Watch the film and tell us how you found this new concept of Kareena and Arjun starrer ‘Ki & Ka’.

Rating: 2 stars