Director R Balki’s latest offering “Ki & Ka” might have got mixed responses from viewers but the film has managed to a good business at the Box Office. The film collected Rs 7.30 crore on its opening day on Friday and witnessed an upward trend as it collected Rs 8.41 crore on Saturday. The total collection of “Ki & Ka” is Rs 15.71. ALSO READ: Ki & Ka movie reviewAlso Read - Arjun Kapoor’s Lifestyle: From His Eating Habits To His Core Workout Schedule, A Sneak Peek Into His Life | Watch

Starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in the lead roles, the film throws light on gender role reversal. “Ki and Ka” sees Arjun playing the role of Kabir, a house husband while Kareena’s character Kia is a career-oriented woman. The movie is about the relationship between the two and how the society sees it. “Ki & Ka” is not a documentary on gender bias but it talks about individual choices. ALSO READ: Ki & Ka mints Rs 7.30 crore on opening day Also Read - Malaika Arora Gets Trolled For Her 'Weird Walk', Netizens Say 'Aise Kaun Chalta Hai Bhai'

“Ki & Ka” is technically perfect, with director of photography P C Sreeram delivering pretty frames all the way through. Unfortunately, over-refinement robs the soul of the film. “Ki & Ka” seeks to put a fresh spin on the man-woman relationship, but the well-meaning exercise is disappointingly effete for it is unable to shrug off its lackadaisical shell. Also Read - Bhoot Police Movie Review: No Horror, Less Comedy, More Boredom!