In 2014, reality TV star Kim Kardashian ‘broke the Internet’ with a selfie of her bare bum and caused outrage on social media. Today, the Keeping up with the Kardashians glam diva has shared yet another picture on social media that could well break the Internet and everything else! Kim this time has gone fully naked, and shared a mirror selfie of her nude self! Take a look at the outrageous picture here! Also Read - Strange Request! People Under Home Quarantine in Karnataka Told to Send a Selfie to Govt Every Hour

“When you’re like I have nothing to wear. Lol,” Kim said on Twitter alongside the picture. Also Read - Pakistan Suspends Six Civil Servants For Taking Selfie With Coronavirus-Infected Colleague

Aren’t you like, going ‘OMG!’ after looking at this picture of Kim Kardashian West? We sure are! The mother of two babies, North West and Saint, does not care a hoot about what the world thinks about her! She is always up to these kind of tricks to gain more popularity. But how long can Kim continue like this?

However, Kim’s fans are not complaining, as she has received a record number of retweets and likes on Twitter for this naked picture! A total of 19,983 Retweets and 32,291 Likes, to be precise (at last count). But we think Kim’s blonde mane and the plush surroundings are getting more attention in this picture than her assets – and thank god for that! (ALSO READ: Kim Kardashian shows off her derriere, yet again)

Will you retweet or like this naked selfie of Kim Kardashian? Let us know what you think of the picture! We wonder how it has not been blocked or banned on Twitter. We guess it’s because Kim has placed black bands at strategic places to conceal what’s not to be seen! We’re sure Kanye West is happy with that!