Prithviraj Sukumaran, Nazriya Nazim, and Parvathy starrer Koode is the Malayalam remake of the Marathi film ‘Happy Journey’, directed by Sachin Kundalkar, starring Atul Kulkarni and Priya Bapat. Written and helmed by Anjali Menon, the psychological drama, which is an official adaptation of the 2014 film, has opened in theatres this Friday and it’s already a hit as critics are all praises for Anjali’s Koode. Here’s what they have to say about a heartwarming tale of emotional bonding between a brother and his little sister.Also Read - Malayalam Lyricist Anil Panachooran Dies of COVID-19, Industry Pays Tribute

Times of India (3.5/5): In Anjali Menon’s movies, it is the little things that make the most beautiful of differences. Koode is no different. The movie is a touching yet breezy tale and take on relationships that sometimes lose their meaning, in between the words that not spoken and moments that are not lived. Overall, Koode is a breezy, feel-good movie that has good performances, visuals and neatly sketched characters that will stay with you even after you leave the theatre. Also Read - Malayalam Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran Tests Positive for COVID-19 This Time, Urges Contacts to Isolate or Get Tested

Indian Express (4/5): Anjali’s adaptation of Happy Journey is dark and gritty with just a streak of sunshine. Koode is made more relevant and, in fact, timely by its underlying subtext, which is child abuse and patriarchy. Anjali brings these three characters (Prithviraj as Joshua, Nazriya as Jenny and Parvathy as Sophie) together in a journey where they overcome the personal trauma and social stigma and learn to move on from their past. The beautiful images powered by cinematographer Littil Swayamp and composer Raghu Dixit’s soulful background score keeps us emotionally invested in each character. Also Read - Prithviraj Sukumaran Pays Tribute to Sachy With a Moving Post, Writes 'I'd Trade All Those Dreams to Have You Around'

Hindustan Times (4/5): Anjali Menon’s Koode is a study in relationships — Prithviraj as Joshua, Nazriya as Jenny and Parvathy as Sophie explore the various shades of sadness, that indescribable melancholy when you lose your reason to live. Anjali Menon’s films are about simple moments that have a depth. The nuanced performances make Koode a movie that will stay with you. Sometimes, the film tells you, all you need is a human being who truly cares for you. But to find yourself, you always need to look beyond obligation and shackles. There, at the horizon, lies true freedom.

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Deccan Chronicle (4/5): Anjali Menon’s Koode is all about relationships — that touch us and leave us teary-eyed with emotions. Anjali has always succeeded in moving the audience’s hearts with her stories; this time she takes us on an emotional journey. As the title suggests, the film and its characters will reside with you, always.

Behindwoods (3/5): The background score and most of the songs blend in well with the making and the emotion, thereby lifting Koode up, to the next level. Do not expect a fast-moving, fun-filled entertainer like Bangalore Days. Koode is a slow-paced emotional film that will touch your heart and soul. It is the kind of film that leads you into introspection and helps you realize the importance of relationships in life.