Kuch Toh Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein, March 21, 2021, Written Episode: Tonight’s episode begins with an argument between Rehan and Priya over Saumya’s death. Holding Saumya’s body in his arms, Rehan blames Priya for his sister’s death. While Priya continues to reiterate that she did not kill Saumya, Rehan does not believe her. Rehan further finds Priya’s bracelet mark on Saumya’s neck and therefore is sure that Priya killed Saumya. As Priya defends herself, angry Rehan questions, ‘Who else can do this?’ Pam overheard this conversation between Rehan and Priya and it is then revealed that it was Pam who killed Saumya.Also Read - Naagin 6, May 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Saves India, Maha Asur is Bannu's Wife

Pam enacts to cry in grief and asks Priya to leave the house claiming that Priya is Saumya’s murderer. Rehan stands still, silent. Priya agrees to leave the house but reiterates that she is not Saunya’s killer. She further asks family members to find the real culprit. Also Read - Naagin 6, May 22, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Performs Tandav, Maha Asur and Nevla Plot to Kill Rishabh

As Priya walks towards her room to prepare and leave the house, Rehan confronts her. He asked Priya’s reason for killing his sister and threatens that she will have to pay for it. Priya continues to claim that she is not the killer and reveals that Rageshwari was her mother and that it was Rehan who tried to kill her (Priya) earlier. She further explains how Rajeshwari saved her life from Rehan. Also Read - Naagin 6, May 21, Written Episode: Rainaksh is Son of Maha Asur, Rishabh Accuses Pratha of Creating Havoc in The Family

As Priya prepares to leave home, Arushi tells her that she trusts her. Priya then leaves the house as Rehan thinks about her in his room. Pam comes to Rehan’s room and expresses sorrow for ‘ruining his life’. But as Rehan hugs her to console, she attacks Rehan, who then faints.

Pam walks down the stairs as she reveals to Shashank that she is behind all these murders and that it was her conspiracy to become the most powerful. Meanwhile, Priya also experiences strange things and comes back home where she finds Mini and Shashank lying fainted. Priya understands that Rehan is in danger and leaves to save him, asking Arushi not to follow.

On the other hand, Pam tries to kill Rehan but Priya reaches the place. Despite Priya’s repeated attempts to save Rehan, Pam kills him. However, Priya gets a magic lotus and brings back Rehan to life. Arushi informs Priya and Rehan that they should not let Pam escape the cave otherwise she will be unstoppable. Both, Priya and Rehan kill Pam.

Rehan apologises to Priya and both express their love for each other.