Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Abhi, Pragya, Purab and Disha get stuck in the house and fail to find a solution to the problem. Abhi starts mocking Pragya and asks her to think of a plan this time. He says that she was mocking his plan earlier, this time it is her duty to make a plan to get them out of Sangram Singh’s house safely. He deliberately builds on pressure. She apologizes to Abhi for walking in before and ask him to give an idea this time is well hubby says that he already has the keys to a car which belongs to Sangram Singh’s men. Pragya says that she already knew about this and she would have been the one to have come up with this idea.Also Read - ZEE5 Originals Nail Police, 14 Phere, State Of Seige And Others Feature Amongst Best OTT Content

Meanwhile in the Mandap the priest asks Sangram Singh to put sindoor on the bride’s forehead Sangram Singh men get ready to click pictures but when Sangram Singh lifts the Ghunghat he realises that it is one of his men who is sitting dress does a bride Sangram Singh starts crashing his own man and ask some who came up with this idea he says that it was abhi the rockstar who came to help Purab and Disha he says that purifies escaped along with the sha and it was RV who wanted a gun towards him and maid him dress as a bride and get married to him. Sangram Singh gets sleeping with anger and says that this time if he will catch crabs gang he will shoot them at sight. Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT: Kumkum Bhagya Actor Zeeshan Khan, Who Appeared In Bathrobe At Airport, is The Second Confirmed Contestant

Sangram Singh starts chasing Abhi and Fayaz random shots. One of Sangram Singh shot hits the tyre of Abhijeet and aavishkar hits a tree Sangram Singh’s men get out of their car and take Purab Disha and abhi under arrest once again.(ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 21 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Sangram Singh Gets Married To One Of His Own Men) Also Read - Sidharth Shukla-Shehnaaz Gill Likely To Play Leads in Kumkum Bhagya Reboot? Deet Inside

Meanwhile in the Mehra house games consciousness after very long and she recalls that it was Monika who gave her the juice which made her unconscious she blames her for mixing something in the juice that made her Drowsy after drinking it and she fainted right then and there. So Monika tells everyone that daddy give her the juice for Pragya and it was Mitali who drank it willingly she says that she didn’t offer it to her and met Elisha don’t blame her without any proof with Alia keeps on explaining what happened that time but fails to do so no one believes her and everyone leaves. You can also watch the entire episode on Ozee by clicking here.