Today’s episode began with Tanu visiting King at his house, and him reacting to seeing her standing in his sitting room. When he questions her what she is doing in his house, she tells him that she has come to invite him for a function, and when he asks her what it’s for, she tells him that Pragya is pregnant and the celebrations are for that purpose. He tells her to leave and she threatens that she would do something to destroy Pragya’s happiness and the blame will be on him. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler Alert: Pragya's Plan to Save Her ‘Kumkum’, Her Love Aka Husband Abhi Revealed

Tanu leaves the house in anger and while she drives she hits another car. Not stopping to check the damage, she drives on and all the while remembering how her own pregnancy was met with disapproval by the family members. She vows she will not let Pragya enjoy her new found happiness. Also Read - TRP Report Week 52: Anupama Reigns In The First Spot, Imlie Surpasses Kundali Bhagya, TMKOC is Back In Top 5

She arrives at the house and sees that it is being decorated, and as Tanu stands around looking, Taiji sees her and tells her to do some work. Tanu agrees but when Taiji tells her that she is going to go and give Pragya juice, she stops and tells her that she will do it. But Taiji refuses to let her do it and tells her to help out with the decoration. Also Read - TRP Report: Kundali Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya in Top 5; Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Not on List

Tanu gets angry and stomps off, and as she is walking she hears Disha and Pragya talking about getting ready for the party. The two argue about letting the beautician do her work with Disha saying she has to look beautiful as the party is for her. The beautician tells Pragya she will have to close her eyes when the pack is applied on her face, and Tanu sees it as an opportunity to poison Pragya.

She goes to the kitchen where she sees Taiji preparing the juice for Pragya and while Taiji is looking for the sugar to add to the juice, Tanu tries to pour the poison in the glass. when she does not succeed she tells Taiji that someone is looking for her. Her idea was to get Taiji out of the kitchen so she can poison the juice. But Taiji did not fall for her ruse and tells her she is going to hand the juice to Pragya, but Tanu convinces her that the juice requires sugar, and they both start looking for it.

In search of the sugar, Tanu looks into the fridge an sees a papaya. She suddenly remembered that during her pregnancy the doctor had told her that she should never have papaya juice as it can lead to a miscarriage. She sees it as an opportunity and tells Taiji to go look for the servant and send her to find the sugar.

The next scene shows Abhi meeting King at his house and the former telling the latter the good news and also insisting that he has to come to the party.

Meanwhile, Tanu has the papaya juice ready and tells Sarita the maid to give it to Pragya. Sarita, who looked tense, tells Pragya about the juice and the latter tells her to place it down and she will have it later. Tanu gestures her to make Pragya drink it and recollects that Sarita had walked in while she was mixing the juice in the kitchen.

Earlier in the kitchen, Tanu had asked Sarita to take the juice to Pragya, and Sarita had refused, telling her that she has mixed something in it. When Sarita threatened to tell everyone what Tanu had done, Tanu blackmailed her by telling her that she will tell everyone she stole her bracelet and will involve her father also. Listening to the threats, Sarita agreed to give the juice to Pragya. Tanu also manages to bribe her with money.

Back to the present, Pragya, who is undergoing beautification of her face, tells Sarita to take back the juice as she will not be able to drink it anytime soon. Sarita was happy to hear it, but as she turned to go, Tanu glared at her. Fearing what would happen to her and her father, Sarita convinced Pragya to drink the juice. Pragya agreed and took the glass from Sarita.

The next scene shows Abhi telling Kiara not to reveal to Pragya that King will be coming to the party. Disha finds them as they are talking and Abhi tells her the reason he wants King to attend is because Pragya will be happy to see him. He asks Disha to keep it a secret. Disha agrees. Abhi tells her he will go and meet Pragya.

As he climbs up the stairs Tanu is seen watching if Pragya will have the juice or not. As Pragya is about to take a sip from the glass Abhi walks in and begins talking with her. As they continue their banter, Abhi accidentally hits the glass with his hand and it drops to the floor.

Tanu gets angry that her plan has failed and she says to herself she has to do something that will kill the baby.

Tune in tomorrow to see what next Tanu is planning to do to harm Pragya.