If you are yet to watch Padmaavat, there are more chances than none that you are looking forward to see what Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji has in store for you. If you have already seen Padmaavat, I am sure you found the villain to be the best thing about the film and if you will re-watch it, it will be strictly for Ranveer Singh! That is the case for me at least and I am sure for all RS fans. It was his career’s first negative role and the intensity was at a mind-blowingly superlative level. Also Read - Deepika Padukone Along With Ranveer Singh Consults Her Legal Team After 5.5 Hours of Interrogation By NCB

There is no doubt that the actor got involved with the character he was playing at a different level altogether so bring to life a menacing, maniacal tyrant so beautifully and convincingly. Most from the audience who have watched Padmaavat and are left awed by Ranveer Singh must be wishing to see him something like this again, soon. But, not all wishes are granted and this one for sure will not be for a long long time. Also Read - Ranveer Singh's Efforts to Make Indian Sign Language an Official Language Are On

According to a source close to Ranveer, the actor has had his quota of playing an intense, negative character for now. “Ranveer is overwhelmed by the response he’s been getting for his performance in Padmaavat. That said, playing Alauddin was so consuming and exhausting that he doesn’t want to do a role similar to it in intensity and character for some time now. The angst that he had to be in all the time since the character was so dark while doing this film, so as to live, breathe and behave like the character kind of took a mental toll on him and he wants to refresh before going back to doing something similar,” revealed the source. ALSO READ: Shahid Kapoor: Sanjay Leela Bhansali Suggested That Deepika Padukone And I Should Do One More Film Together Also Read - Ranveer Singh's Shoes & Socks Cost More Than The Price of All Your Shoes Put Together

At least it has not put Ranveer Singh off playing characters with grey shades. Even if that was the case, I am sure the huge sea of appreciation he’s been receiving for his act would have changed that. However, fans of the Gully Boy do not have reason to worry. The actor has shown us what he is capable of and in his next projects, we can expect to witness more of his versatility that will leave us amazed.