Social media is one such medium where fans connect with their favorite stars. It is one of the biggest revolutions that we have witnessed and made it an essential part of our life. However, netizens are misusing it in sexting and even sending nudes. In a recent incident, Malayalam actor Anumol has become the latest victim of online abuse and hatred. She took to her Instagram story to open up about her shocking experience. She has been getting pictures of private parts from boys from several accounts and is tired of blocking them. She mentioned that the videos and pictures disgust her. The media files are sent by one person from different accounts.

In the post, Anumol warned the user, “To all the guys sending me photographs of your private parts. STOP! I’m tired of blocking. Also, this one guy keeps sending me the video of his ***** from different accounts as if it’s God’s greatest gift. Next time, I’ll report you to the Cyber Crime cell. Also, for all the douchebags sending women such pervert images, know this. It certainly doesn’t result in any other emotion than DISGUST.”

Anumol made her acting debut in Tamil in the 2009 film Kannukulle and later, ventured into Malayalam films from 2012 with Ivan Megharoopan. She also appeared in movies like Chayilyam, Akam, Vedivazhipadu and Jamna Pyari. She is currently working in the Bengali film Walking Over Water.

Anumol is a travel fanatic and even has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos.