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Manushi Chhillar Reveals Why She Chose Bollywood Over Education After Becoming Miss World: “I Can’t be…” | Exclusive

Manushi Chhillar opens up about her struggles from being an outsider, to entering into a different profession and handling criticism.

Published: June 27, 2022 6:49 PM IST

By Onam Gupta

Manushi Chhillar Reveals Why She Chose Bollywood Over Education After Becoming Miss World:
Manushi Chhillar Reveals Why She Chose Bollywood Over Education After Becoming Miss World: "I Can't be..." | Exclusive

Manushi Chhillar who made her Bollywood debut with superstar Akshay Kumar in the film PrithviRaj recently spoke to  The Miss World talks about how different acting profession is and expressed how numerous changes happened in her life after pursuing it. Manushi also revealed that the risks and insecurities were more as she was not from any filmy background. She also stated that she can’t lead a normal life now or have her student life back, as she is now a part of public eye.

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Manushi On Entering Into a Different World

Manushi Chhillar expressed how it has been different from being an MBBS student to an actor now ,”I never finished my medicine, I am experiencing this for the first time, its a very different profession. Its not like a normal job where people work from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday, its not how its works, film industry is very different, there are days where you are actually very busy and there are days when you don’t have work . And the only difference is that earlier I was studying, and now I am working.”

Manushi Opens up on Her Education

Manushi explained struggle of being an outsider “I don’t come from a filmy background, so the risk and the insecurity will be a lot more. I always thought that after completing my college I will participate in Miss India because I always wanted to be Miss World. I am glad I got the opportunity and many people talk about right place, right thing and right time and this is what happened with me.”

Manushi also stated that why she can’t complete her education now ” I don’t think opportunities would have waited for me and  the idea of going back was not something I wanted. Because I knew I won’t be a normal student anymore. I don’t have that privacy so, its okay I got a lot of love and appreciation as well. But its okay if you want to study, Privacy and Anonymity are two very important things.”

Manushi Explained ‘Miss world will get you… recognition, fame but ‘

Manushi Chhillar claimed that being Miss World was not the actual reason behind her getting the first debut. She said “Its always starting from the scratch whether you are doing, modelling going from miss world to acting, As a miss world you will get appreciation, recognition, fame but you are going as an actor,  starting from the scratch, starting like any other beginner.”

Manushi on Handling Criticism

Being a public figure now, Manushi Chhillar revealed how she deals with trolls and criticism. ” Its a part of the job if you are an public eye, its much bigger there will be many people who will have an opinion, and what if I learnt if someone says bad don’t take this to your heart and its a part and parcel of what I do and I don’t take it too seriously as long as its not constructive criticism.”

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