Thalapathy Vijay starrer Master might have set many records at the Box Office and it might have revived the theatre business in one go but what it did recently is the best thing any movie or a superstar can do for people. Around 70 kids from two orphanages were taken for a special screening of Master in Chennai and what happened next added so much more to the film’s massive success. talked to social activist Hari Krishnan N who organised the special screening of the Lokesh Kanagaraj-directorial for the kids and made sure that they left with some positive thoughts from the theatre.Also Read - Master Director Shares Adorable Blooper of Thalapathy Vijay - Vijay Sethupathi From Climax Scene That You Can’t Miss

He mentioned that the kids at these orphanages hardly get any time for entertainment. They are not really allowed to go out or watch a movie but when something like Master hits the screens, it becomes imperative to make them watch it for the very realisation that they don’t lack representation in mainstream movies. Hari Krishnan, who has been doing a lot of philanthropy work for many years now, watched the movie and realised how the kids would love the film, especially after the gruelling times of the pandemic. “During the COVID-19 times, the theatres were completely shut down for over a year and we were not able to do any fun activity for the kids. In January, when Master released, we got to know that the kids were talking about how they really wanted to watch the film. Rajinikanth, Vijay, and Ajith are the only few actors they know about and with the Master craze around, they knew that there’s a film in theatres that they would find relatable,” he said. Also Read - Master Completes 50 Stupendous Days at Box Office, Thalapathy Vijay Roars in Tamil Nadu - Figures Inside

Master is based on the story of a few kids in a juvenile prison who are being used by a local gangster named Bhavani for his advantage. The kids are drugged and are framed in various illegal acts committed by Bhavani. Things don’t improve until a master, JD – played by Thalapathy Vijay – lands up in the jail to teach the kids. When he becomes aware of how the kids are being exploited and murdered, he takes the charge of changing their future for the better. Also Read - Exclusive | Vijay Sethupathi on Working With Lokesh Kanagaraj in Master: He's Like a Younger Brother

Even though the kids in the orphanages are encouraged to read and become independent, they often feel left out. That is another reason why the team decided to make them watch Master. “As I watched the movie, I got to know that the movie was based on the kids itself. So we took the kids to the Rohini theatre. When they watched Master, they realised that they are no more the underrepresented part of the society. They felt joy in realising that they are doing better than those who are forced to take drugs and trained to do other illegal activities. The kids were super happy to see the film and they came back with a lot of positive vibes, ” said Hari Krishnan.

He went ahead to explain the impact of the film on the kids’ minds. Hari Krishnan said, “The first takeaway for the kids from the movie was ‘we went the right way and that is why we are adopted by the homes, that is the reason we are here, we should be happy that we don’t get to face these kinds of issues in life’. The second thing they noticed was how certain people influence them and use them for their benefit. See, kids do feel left out when they see other kids going out with their families. However, Master showed them the better version of their lives and how they can have the kind of life they truly desire for themselves. They were dancing to the songs and discussing so many things among each other. It was all so surreal.”

Master’s win is beyond any Box Office record and this seemed like just another example of what a massy movie driven by content is capable of doing.