Actor Sonam Kapoor is just not a leading movie star in India. She is also a powerful female voice who doesn’t shy away from calling a spade a spade. With her strong voice and clear stance against fascism, sexism and harassment, Sonam has totally gone against the common notion among people that Bollywood celebs don’t speak on important matters. In her latest interview with a magazine, the actor has spoken about #MeToo movement that encouraged women to name and shame their sexual offenders at workplace. Sonam mentioned how her husband, Anand Ahuja, made the sanest statement when the movement began in the country. Also Read - Kajol Believes Men Have Become More Conscious After #MeToo Movement

Sonam revealed that she was ‘little stressed’ during the #MeToo movement because while there were many genuine complaints, there were also cases where men were framed wrongly in the matter. The actor said she feared that the fake cases could trivialise the impact of the movement but at that time, her husband said the movement was going to bring a better future for women. Sonam said Anand highlighted the importance of men coming out in support of women to believe their stories. Also Read - Entertainment News Today March 02, 2020: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Floods Internet With Subtle Tweets Over Delhi Violence, Shares Amul's Cartoon

The actor told Harper’s Bazaar, “I was a little stressed out during the start of the #MeToo movement. There were a lot of genuine cases, and also a few that weren’t, and I thought that it would impact it in a negative way. My husband said something amazing… he said that it’s been so imbalanced for such a long time that it has to go the other way for the scales to be centred. He said it’s very important for men to stand up for women, and the more men do that, the better it will be.” Also Read - Shruti Haasan Speaks in Length About Getting Lip Fillers, Nose Job And Suffering From PCOS

Sonam added that her experiences in the industry will always come from the position of privilege as she is the daughter of one of the most celebrated actors in the Hindi cinema. However, that too, somewhere, didn’t spare her from experiencing chauvinism in the industry. Sonam said a lot of male actors refused to work with her saying she would not agree to ‘do a certain thing or she won’t behave in a certain way, she doesn’t toe the line’. The actor went on to mention how she always took great care of utilising her privileges to set the right example for other women in the industry. Sonam mentioned that she couldn’t be the ‘poor little rich girl or feel sorry for herself’. She said she has been careful in her decisions. The actor mentioned that she believes in encouraging fellow women and that’s the reason her entire team is one ‘women team’. “I have to make those harder choices and pave the way for other women after me. My whole team are women – and we need to lift each other up. There are thousands of years of patriarchy to cut through,” said Sonam.