Late actor Jiah Khan’s death on June 3, 2013, sent her fans and friends in shock as her death case is still a mystery. Recently, the BBC has come out with a three-part documentary where her sister spoke about the late actor. Titled Death in Bollywood, revealed the real side of Bollywood and filmmaker Sajid Khan who has been previously accused of sexual harassment and was one of the names in #MeToo. Jiah’s sister Karishma alleged that Sajid Khan had sexually harassed Jiah. She further revealed that everyone knows that her sister died by suicide, but the truth is something else. Karishma made some more shocking revelations.Also Read - Ganesh Acharya Breaks Silence on #MeToo Accusations, Shares His Family's Reaction | Exclusive

Jiah’s sister Karishma was heard saying: “It was rehearsal, she was reading the scripts and he asked her to take off her top and her bra. She didn’t know what to do, she said the filming hasn’t even begun yet and this is happening. She came home and cried”. Karishma further revealed how scared Jiah was about Sajid suing her if she breaches the contract and Sajid said her to be in a sexual relationship for work. Also Read - Vijay Babu Sexual Harassment Case: Another Woman Accuses Kannada Actor, Says ‘He Kissed on My Lips’

Death in Bollywood documentary by BBC, has been released only in the UK and is based on the life of Jiah Khan. It was in its second episode that her sister made these shocking allegations. Also Read - MeToo: Vijay Babu Slammed For Revealing Survivor's Name, Says 'I Am Victim Here'

Karishma also recalled the time when Sajid allegedly made advances towards her but was stopped by Jiah Khan who jumped to her defense. Actor Kangana Ranaut was quick to share the video with her fans and mocked Sajid Khan. She wrote: “They killed Jiah they killed Sushant and they tried to kill me, but they roam free have full support of the mafia, growing stronger and successful every year. Know the world is not ideal you are either the prey or the predator. No one will save you you have to save yourself.”

Watch the video of Karishma here:

In September, Indian model Dimple Paul had accused filmmaker Sajid Khan of sexual harassment. Taking to social media in what could be an emergence of a fresh #MeToo movement in the industry, she recalled how Sajid asked her to strip in the pretext of giving her a role in his then-upcoming film Housefull.

Another model named Rachel White spoke about the incident that scarred her for life. She alleged that he was asked to strip by Sajid at his home where he called her for a role in a film he had to offer. Rachel said that when she told him he could see the photographs in which she was wearing a bikini, Sajid said that he wanted to see how she looked like in real life. “I said ‘I am ready to parade your office in a bikini, not at home,” she said.