It seems there will be no end to actor Rakhi Sawant attacking actress Tanushree Dutta. After accusing Tanushree of being a lesbian and raping her, Rakhi has now filed a defamation case against her and for an unbelievable amount of 25 paise. In the suit filed on Wednesday, Rakhi alleged that Tanushree hurt her reputation by making “unwholesome” and “deeply derogatory” statements. Also Read - Tanushree Dutta Reacts on Payal Ghosh’s Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Anurag Kashyap

In the suit, Rakhi said that Tanushree spoke in a derogatory fashion about her during an interview with a television channel where she spoke about actor Nana Patekar sexually harassing her on the sets of a 2008 movie. She said she has been part of the film industry for two decades and made a “promising career and name for herself”. Also Read - Payal Ghosh Demands 'Lie-Detector' Test For Anurag Kashyap After Filmmaker Denies All Allegations of Rape

“The defendant (Tanushree) had an uncharacteristic, unstable and disappointing career in the film industry, spanning for only five years. After which she was out of limelight. Upon her return to limelight, Tanushree made certain unwholesome and deeply derogative statements against Sawant due to which, she (Sawant) has incurred huge financial losses and has suffered a dent on her reputation, which had taken years to build,” PTI quoted the suit as stating. Also Read - Anurag Kashyap's Lawyer Releases Official Statement in Rape Case: He Was in Sri Lanka in August 2013

Rakhi also took objection to a press release issued by Tanushree, where words such as “uncouth”, “uneducated” “characterless” and “classless” were allegedly used to describe her. She urged the court to order Tanushree to pay her 25 paise as damages for “maligning her reputation” and to tender an unconditional apology in “print, television and social media”.

Tanushree, who had been accused by Rakhi of being a lesbian, who does drugs, drinks alcohol and smokes, had earlier issued a statement in which she had denied doing any such thing and to say that the perverted character assassination attempts being made to shut her up, will not work.

But after staying quiet about the allegations Rakhi made, Tanushree, who said that the #MeToo movement should not be trivialised, came out guns blazing to issue a statement against Rakhi.

It appears that after reading the statement, Rakhi filed the defamation suit against Tanushree.