Actress Richa Chadha, who is proud to portray a brave character like Shakeela on the big screen, looks at the #MeToo movement positively. She believes the movement should have a trial by law that can bring the truth to the fore. The most recent name to have emerged under the movement wave is that of filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, who has been accused of sexual harassment by a woman assistant.Also Read - This Bollywood Actress Has Openly Declared Her Love For Rahul Dravid, Calls Him 'Her First Mohabbat'

Sharing her opinion about the movement, Richa, who was interacting with the media, said that she was happy that it is taking place, but at the same time we should be wary of rumours. Also Read - Inside Edge Season 3 Trailer: 'And Just Like That, The Series Got Just More Interesting,' Says Vivek Oberoi

“I am happy that this movement took place and it is important to the cause of it. However, I feel that instead of the #MeToo movement being more about trial by media, it should be more trial by law, which is what will bring the truth to the cause. Instead of rumours, I feel it’s more important to understand the actual cases and bring justice to them,” IANS quoted her as saying. Also Read - Inside Edge 3: Five Things to Refresh Your Memory as The Third Season Premiers This December

The actress was present along with Shakeela director Indrajit Lankesh for the launch of a quirky calendar here on Thursday night. The film is based on the life of bold south Indian actress Shakeela who gained popularity in the 1990s by acting in Telugu and Malayalam films.

On the movie, Richa said: “When I first heard the story and when Indrajit told me about the script, I was amazed to know how cinematic her life is. She is an unapologetic person who never apologized for her choices. She empowered herself and did things in a business which was largely male-dominated back then.

“Shakeela is a story deserving to be told. I am fascinated by her and her story. We talk about issues like women empowerment, gender discrimination and #MeToo today. Shakeela has seen and witnessed this years ago. And she bravely stood up for each of these things during her time which was way early in those days. And she has lived an unapologetic life. Her career choices was always about why should I be ashamed to do my work.”