Hrithik Roshan’s much debated film Mohenjo Daro received a clear-chit from Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The movie was granted a U/A certificate by the board without citing a single verbal or visual cut. The period film also has three kisses in between Hrithik and Pooja hedge and the board didn’t find any objection in either of them.(ALSO READ: Mohenjo Daro new promo: Hrithik Roshan, the saviour, is on a quest to save his city! (Watch Video) Also Read - Hrithik Roshan-Deepika Padukone Become 'Fighter' For Siddharth Anand, Film Releases on Sept 30, 2022

It comes as a surprising move from the CBFC, who has always been extra vigilant about intimate scenes and dialogues in the film. A number of films in recent times had to bear a burnt of the censor board, when they were asked to chop kissing scenes or shorten their duration citing lame reasons. But in case of Mohenjo Daro, the board allowed all three of the kisses in the film as it was shot. No doubt we welcome this change from the board, now.  Also Read - Hrithik Roshan-Deepika Padukone in Siddharth Anand's Action Film - Big Announcement Today!

A lot of filmmakers had to helplessly abide to the cuts demanded by CBFC just to avoid legal battles and also release the film on the mentioned dates. The director of the controversial film Unindian, Anupam Sharma, was utterly disappointed when his film was asked to chop off a love making scene between Tannishtha Chatterjee and Brett Lee. The filmmaker couldn’t pursue a fight with the board as they wanted to stick to the deadline of worldwide release on August 19.(ALSO READ: Mohenjo Daro music review: A R Rahman’s music will take you back to the historic era!) Also Read - 'Rye' Hrithik Roshan Receives Best Birthday Message From ex-wife Sussanne Khan

Earlier, Ranbir Kapoor and Daniel Craig’s kisses from Tamasha and Spectre respectively, were brutally chopped to an acceptable length by the board. Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal’s lip-lock from Do Lafzon Ki Kahani was also shortened by nine seconds.

But Hrithik Roshan turned out to be lucky as his film gets to release untampered. DNA has quoted a member of CBFC saying, “The three kisses in Mohenjo Daro have been left untampered. The film has been passed without a single verbal or visual cut, with a UA certificate.” (ALSO READ: Swastika Mukherjee: Women characters bear the brunt of CBFC’s moral policing)

Does Pahlaj Nihalani’s CBFC have different rules for different filmmakers? Did the board show extra soft corner towards Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro? Or have they really embraced change in reviewing films before granting a certificate?