Today in MTV Roadies Rising, the task from yesterday continued and it was Aggy from Rannvijay’s gang who started to walk on the path above the fire with water in his hands. He was supposed to pass his hands through barbed wires and fill the bowl at the end of the pathway in the minimum possible time. He performed the task with such smoothness that the other Roadies were scared for themselves. The thorns stuck to his end and he still kept dragging them along with him. Also Read - Harbhajan Singh Reveals How he Played on Ricky Ponting's Weakness

It was the time to know who won the task. Gaylen announced the results. Rahul finished the task in 12:40 mins, Varun did it in 17: 58 minutes and Aggy performed it in 10:30 minutes. Rannvijay’s gang won and he was then replaced by Veerpal as per the rules of the task. It was so unfair to see the best performer getting out of Roadies because of performing well. Varun from Prince’s gang left the show too as per the rules. Also Read - Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi Pour Their Heart Out on Daughter Mehr's Birthday, Say 'Chase Butterflies, Roar The Loudest'

Aggy gave a goodbye message to Meenal and everyone was teary eyed to see Aggy leave. Next day was scheduled for task once again. The task was to be performed between Nikhil and Prince’s gang. The gang leaders were to perform with their gangs today. The task was to flip the windows on a wall and get the logo of Roadies in the front. The roadies who was supposed to flip the windows was harnessed and blind folded. the other two were pulling them above so that they could reach the higher windows. (Also Read: MTV Roadies Rising 24 June 2017: Harbhajan Singh once again bowls a googly and pisses off the gang leaders!)

Nikhil’s gang won and got immunity for one of it’s members. The gangs started to plan and plot. They were trying to vote out their enemies and make a safe place for themselves. Then it was the time for a vote out and everyone was scared to death. In the voting ground Rannvijay and Prince got into a spat. Rann said that Neha told him about Prince’s opinion for his gang. Rann accused him of saying that he never wanted Rann’s gang to win. Rannvijay asked Prince to come out in the open about his opinion. Neha tries to escape and said that she wants to stay out of all the mis understanding.

@princenarula & @rannvijaysingha fight, Again? 😑 Watch the banter on @renaultindia MTV #RoadiesRising today at 7 PM.

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Priyank was given the immunity and Gaylen said that today it would be a double vote out. She said that whoever will get four votes against him will be voted out. No other number will qualify. Gaylen gave a power to Neha’s gang and asked her to cast four votes. Neha chose Shweta to vote twice.

Waseer and Rahul both got four votes and went home. The roadies started to have an argument over their poor coordination. Now only one roadie is left in Prince’s gang. But before sending them home, Gaylen said that their fates will be decided in Patiala next week.