Sunny Leone and Ranvijay’s popular show MTV Splitsvilla 9 will soon come to and end! The show began with 15 celebrity boys and 6 beautiful girls who came to the show to find their true love. After many battles through love, friendship and betrayal the show will soon end with just one winner! Splitsvilla season 9 is becomign more interesting with each passing episode. It it becoming difficult to judge who will emerge as the winner this time on MTV Splitsvilla 9. (ALSO READ: OMG! Martina Thariyan ditched Varun Sood to date THIS guy post MTV Splitsvilla season 9 finale!) Also Read - Sunny Leone Gives Out Strong, Powerful Message on International Women's Day, Says 'Sexist Comments at 21'

This time the villa had the first fiery queen as Martina, she was later dethroned by the evil queen Rajnandini. Rajnandini Borpuzari became one of the most hated person in the villa thanks to her mean antics. But you will be surprised to know that when she had an intuition about her connection’s exit from the show, she changed into this soft warm ball! Yes, when Rajnandini Borpuzari felt that in the dumping ground her connection Pratik Kalsi aka Archie could be the target, she met him on a date! The date night was one of the most memorable time she got to spend with Archie. (ALSO READ: MTV Splitsvilla 9 – Episode 16: Evil Queen Rajnandini & Bold Queen Kavya enter straight in the FINALS) Also Read - Sunny Leone in Rs 6K 'Beti' Crop Top, Bowls Over Fans With Her Quirkiness

It was surprising to see the Rajnandini was not her mean self and she was this one adorable scared girl who was afraid of losing her partner. When Archie expressed his fear of getting dumped, the evil queen was left teary eyed. Archie feared that Kavya’s rift with Rajnandini could affect his connection with his love interest.In this weak moment both Archie and Rajnandini were seen getting cozy on the date after Archie confessed his feelings for Rajnandini. (ALSO READ: MTV Splitsvilla season 9: Gurmeet Singh congratulates bae Kavya Khurana for making it to Splitsvilla 9 finale!) Also Read - Sunny Leone's Lookalike Aaveera Singh Masson is Breaking The Internet, Photo Sends Fans Into Frenzy

At the dumping ground what the two were expecting became true and Kavya Khurana ended up dumping Rajnandini’s connection Archie. This made Rajnandini furious and emotional. Post the elimination Archie made another sweet gesture by sharing a picture of their date night. He captioned the picture: There have been a lot ups and downs in the show but, i just wanna thank @rajnandini43 for being there and for believing in us.

Post elimination, it was declared that the two queens have mad it straight to the MTV Splitsvilla 9 finale! So now there wont be a new queen to sit on the throne in the villa and only one queen will get a chance to compete against the queen.