Today’s dome session had been tragic. Tonight’s MTV Splistvilla X episode will surely make you cry as the most unexpected things had happened on the show. Tonight’s episode was all about ugly fights, emotions, connections, sacrifices and lot more. I am sure, this was the best episode compared to other episodes of this season.Also Read - MTV Splitsvilla X 29 October 2017 Episode Written Update: Baseer and Naina Win The Love Laundry Task

As we know, Baseer and Naina won the task and therefore, they are safe. Aqib-Hritu and Divya-Ripu had a chance to face the oracle and see if they are an ideal match. While the Spiltsvilla gang had decided that they will send Divya and Ripu to face the oracle, irrespective of them being an ideal match or not, Ranvijay brought in a twist where he gives Baseer and Naina the power to send a couple to the oracle but also gave him a warning. If the couple they send is not an ideal match, they will have a disadvantage but if it’s an ideal match, Baseer and Naina could have an advantage. Also Read - MTV Splitsvilla X 15 October 2017 Episode Written Update: Alisha’s Ex-Boyfriend Aquib Is The Hot New Wildcard Entrant

Baseer, being Baseer, chose Aqib and Hritu to see if they are an ideal match. Guess what? They were an ideal match. Not just that, the new ideal couple now had a power to eliminate one couple between, Haneet-Alisha and Ripu-Divya. It’s pretty obvious that Aqib and Hritu have made their choice already. Despite knowing the obvious choice, the entire villa requested them to not make this a revenge vote and do justice, but they yet dump Divya and Ripu. It was heartbreaking to see Priyank in tears. ALSO READ: (Ranbir Kapoor’s Cousin Aadar Jain Kisses Padmavati Actress Deepika Padukone On Her Cheek) Also Read - Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma To Not Return To The Show After Salman Khan's Dismissal?

Not just us but even Rannvijay and Sunny were heartbroken with the whole twist and so, they came up with another option, where a girl can sacrifice and take Divya’s place or a guy can take Ripu’s place since only one of the two could be saved. From Priyank, Baseer, Sidharth to Naina, Akshata, everyone was ready to take their place. While Divya wished that Priyank quits and walks out with her and Ripu could pair up with Nibedita, but Nibby was not allowing Priyank to take Ripu’s place as she does not feel the connection with him.

Nibedita said that she will also quit if Priyank leaves. This left Priyank in a dilemma but then he chose to stay for Nibby. Divya was upset with Priyank’s decision but she was mad at Nibby for convincing Priyank to stay. This love triangle is damn crazy and confuses us too. Well, Priyank bids farewell to his beau Divya on the show. Watch this space for more updates.