Finally, the much-awaited day has arrived when the Splitsvilla journey of Naina Singh – Baseer Ali and Divya Agarwal – Priyank Sharma has come to an end. Priyank – Divya and Baseer – Naina, who were not an ideal match, yet they are in the game. The couples have certainly proved that science can’t decide one’s destiny but love can. Despite Oracle announcing that Baseer – Naina and Priyank – Divya are not an ideal match, they never left their partners or try finding their ideal matches in the villa to win the show. They truly showed it to all of us that love can make an ideal match and not science.

Today, the last episode of MTV Splitsvilla 10 – the grand finale, where Naina Singh – Baseer Ali and Divya Agarwal – Priyank Sharma (who is currently seen in Bigg Boss 11) will compete and no doubt, it will be one of the best episodes. Just like us, the couples too were awaiting this day where they will win the throne. The two best friends were all set to compete with each other.

The Finale episode started with Priyank taking Divya on a date, while Baseer too thought to spend this last day with his best friend and girlfriend Naina. Priyank took Divya to all those places where they had shared beautiful memories, while Baseer and Naina had a friendly chat and thanked each other to have stood by each other every single time. Post their respective dates, the couple headed to the task location.

The couples were given a cute, funny yet a difficult task. Baseer and Naina performed the task first, followed by Divya and Priyank but the interesting part was that Priyank and Divya were not allowed to see Baseer and Naina’s game and plan a strategy accordingly. At the end of the task, it was difficult to guess who might have won, since Naina and Baseer, though they were quick, completed the task with 20 penalties, while Priyank and Divya were comparatively too slow to have completed the task with only 3 penalties.

Well, one penalty will be counted as 3 seconds. While Naina and Baseer had lost hope about winning the throne, just when Rannvijay Singha announces them to be the winner. Woah! Baseer and Naina completed the task in 8 minutes 16 seconds, inclusive of the penalties while Priyank and Divya completed the task in 9 minutes. The winner was just as many wished; all the eliminated Splitsvilla contestant wanted Naina and Baseer to win the game and so it was. Watch this space for more updates.