Today’s episode of MTV Splitsvilla season 10, I think, it was the best, so far. You’ll know it for yourself when you will watch the episode. Like we know, Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone has always surprised the participants with their crazy bizzare tasks, and once again they managed to surprise not only the contestants but also the audience. Today’s episode was about BAEWATCH,Also Read - BTS Jungkook and Jin Dance On Sunny Leone's Baby Doll? THIS Fan Edit Will Make You Go ROFL | Watch

Today’s episode was about BAEWATCH, and the task was titled as ‘Kiss Kisko which also mean Kis Kis Ko’ was really interesting to watch. The task was to kiss a guy as much as they can within the given time. Well, we know, within few episodes, the boys and the girls have already decided who they want to win the show with, and so when the task was announced the girls were happy as they will get to kiss their crushes. But that’s when Rannvijay comes up with a twist – he says, the girls will kiss a random guy, and a chit will decide who will it be. This totally ruined the mood of all the girls but yet they were all set to compete against each other to win the task and escape the danger zone. Of course, who would like to leave the show this soon, right? Also Read - Sunny Leone Beats the Mid-Week Blues With Her Treadmill Workout Session

There are two teams of girls that are headed by Ritu and Naina, the captains of the show. Well, they have to decide which girl from their team will perform the task. Well, it started off by Nivedita and Naina, followed by the rest. Both the teams performed really well as the scores did not have much difference. Before the last two girls were to perform, the scores were – Ritu had scored 4, while Naina scored 3. Well, giving their 200% and being the fastest to kiss, Ritu’s team clearly won scoring 5 leaving behind Naina’s team. Also Read - Sunny Leone Takes a Dip Into The Blue In Hot Deep-Neckline Bikini As She Vacays In Maldives | See Bold Pics

Well, the task also has an advantage – after all, there needs to be some plotting planning and controversies happening on the show, right? Here’s the advantage – the girls’ team that wins will have an advantage of choosing their partner to perform their next task. So, you do not have to cry over the partner that the task chooses for you but can perform the task with someone of your choice. Wow! isn’t it? This way they can also save their guys from landing into the dumping zone.

The boys also had to perform a task – it was titled ‘Pyaar Ka Russ’. Well, the guys are always given a task that requires strength. Even this time it was something similar. The task goes something like this – two guys from the same team are made to stand on two different ends. On one side, there were eatables kept on a plate, while on the other side, there was a mixer and jar that has to be filled. Wondering how?

Well, one guy has to pick a girl (like literally lift a girl) who will take one item at a time from the plate and they have to reach the other end, where his co-contestant is waiting. Well, that’s not it. It is made even more difficult by asking them not to use their hands while performing the task. How could the makers miss out on the love angle? So here’s the angle to the task – the boys will run with the girl back and forth, while the girl has to pick an item and pass it with the help of her mouth, to the guy who is waiting on the other end. Finally, collecting all the items the guy (on the other end) has to prepare juice. This juice has to be finished by one who had performed the task. This task was based on one’s strength and trio’s coordination. It was one hell of an episode, which will you in splits.

What I enjoyed watching the most was what the beauty – Sunny Leone – was wearing. She was sporting dark blue overalls, which was super cool and she totally looked like a doll. Also, the fun she has on the sets – which are captured on camera – are just too adorable. She definitely is a treat to watch on Splitsvilla Season 10.

Well, the next episode is going to be crazy as there will be a verbal spat between the chosen King – Queen and the rest of the contestants. What do you think of this episode? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.