Mumbai’s Gaiety Galaxy – one of the most popular and iconic theatres in the country – is going to increase its ticket price once theatres reopen after the shutdown due to coronavirus. Known to be selling the cheapest tickets for films, Gaiety is going to be even more crowded than on regular days after the lockdown in the city is over. Especially in the time of summers when more students, families, and movie-goers tend to visit cinema halls in India. Also Read - Delhi Under Lockdown Till March 31: What Will Remain Open And What Will Be Closed - Here's Your Complete Guide

As per a report in Mid-Day, the shutdown has created huge losses for the theatre owners and the situation with Gaiety is no different. To compensate for the losses and to ensure that their employees are being paid well, the theatre owners have decided to increase the ticket rates by 14-18 per cent. The executive director of the G7 multiplex and Maratha Mandir, Manoj Desai told the daily that they are planning to increase the rates of the tickets by at least Rs 20. Also Read - Coronavirus in India: Number of Cases Rises to 471, 9 Dead; 30 States and UTs Under Lockdown

For people in Mumbai, Gaiety and Maratha Mandir are popular for providing tickets at a price as cheap as Rs 100 in the times when the rest of the multiplexes charge between Rs 300 to Rs 1100, especially in the capital. Also Read - Coronavirus Impacts Film Industry: Background Dancers go Back to Their Hometowns as Lockdown Makes Mumbai-Life Difficult

Desai added that the decision of price hike is important because, in this trying times, he is thinking about his employees first. He said, “This shutdown has created a huge loss for us. My theatres are the only ones that sell tickets at the lowest cost, but now, I am planning to increase the rates by Rs 20.  No matter what the situation, I am paying my staff. Where will they go in such a crisis?”

Life has come to a standstill as people are staying indoors, markets are shut and no work is happening anywhere in the country. This is affected businesses, small-time firms and organisations with little or no revenue measures for long-time. The entire film industry is set to incur a loss of around Rs 800 crore as the shootings stand cancelled and releases stand postponed.