In the latest episode of Naagin 3, Maahir recalls all his moments with Bela and thinks that she has betrayed him till now. Bela comes to rescue Juhi from the Vultures’ cave. Juhi and Bela transform into vultures and then escape from the cave but Vyom goes after the two. Maahir tries to call Bela. She receives but does not say anything. Later he traces her number. Vyom finds Bela and Juhi but they run away from the jungle. Maahir finds Bela’s phone near the graveyard. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Contestants News: Naagin 3 Star Pearl V Puri Offered Rs 5 cr to Participate in New Season?

Bela and Juhi save themselves from Vyom by jumping off a cliff. Bela sees Maahir and he asks her to confront everything. Bela comes to her real avatar and bites him on his neck because she realizes that he is not Maahir but Vyom. She even removes Naagmani from Vyom’s heart. Vikrant and Vishakha, roam in Jungle and he reveals the reason behind telling Maahir everything about Bela. Bela now keeps Naagmani in a safer place. Juhi tells Bela that she does not deserve to be a Naagrani and Juhi again makes Bela the naagrani. Vishaka and Vikrant are happy to see this. Also Read - Surbhi Jyoti Treats Fans to Drool-Worthy Pictures From Dubai And Internet Can't Keep Calm!

Maahir arrives at the graveyard and finds Bela’s phone. On the other hand, we see Bela talking to Vishaka and recalling how they had killed Daksh, Yuvi and the other family members. Maahir reaches the Haveli and asks Bela, why didn’t she kill him to complete her revenge. He does not feel like talking to Bela anymore and leaves her in the jungle. Maahir comes for Bela but someone takes her. Also Read - Naagin 3 Fame Surbhi Jyoti's Hot Pictures in Ethnic-Wear Are All we Need to Brush Aside Mid-Week Blues!

Maahir gets furious and says that he will make sure everyone is hanged to death. Someone kidnaps Bela. Vikrant, Vishakha and Juhi look for her. Maahir reaches the police station to file a missing complaint for Bela. Mahie Gill makes her entry.