In the latest episode of Naagin 3, Mahir follows Yuvi in his car and reaches a jungle. Yuvi is baffled at where the Naag Rani could be but he is sure that she would want to meet Bela. he heads to that direction and while following her there, he finds a piece of cloth from her saree stuck in the bushes. Mahir calls Yuvi but hears his phone in the car, lying next to a gun. He picks up the gun and tries to why Yogi got it there but could find his answer.Also Read - Naagin 3 Fame Pearl V Puri Arrested on Charges of Rape And Molestation

The Naag Rani appears near Mahir and asks him to drop the gun. Bela reaches there. Mahir fires a bullet accidentally that hits her and she dies. Bela looses her calm and blames him. She climbs down the cliff and holds her mother in her hands and breaks down. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Contestants News: Naagin 3 Star Pearl V Puri Offered Rs 5 cr to Participate in New Season?

Mahir goes after her but finds Yuvi instead. Soon Bela comes and accuses Mahir of killing her mother. She then faints and falls into Yuvi’s arms. He admonishes Mahir for killing Bela’s mother and then carries Bela home. Also Read - Maharashtra News: 5 Killed, Many Critically Injured After Boiler Blast in Nagpur Sugar Factory

Bela is back on her senses and again gets furious at Mahir. Vikrant walks in and Bela tells him how wrong she has been about Mahir. She vows to kill him on Dussehra. Vikrant is happy to hear this.

Mahir regrets killing Bela’s mother. He is confused about how he killed Bela’s mother. He finds all the six bullets in the pistol and that is when he realised that someone else shot Bela’s mother.

Vikrant visits her mother and narrates the entire story to her. He tells her how he was the one to lead Vikrant to that place, and also place the gun there. He also reveals how he was hiding in the bushes and shot Naag Rani when Bela arrived only for Bela to see him kill her. He tells her that once this is done, he will be with Roohi forever. His mother gets furious listening to this and squeezes him in her coils. She sets him free when he said that he will do as she says.

In the house, everyone gets ready to go to the temple for Dussehra. Yuvi walks in and urges everyone to go upstairs with some excuse or the other. Then Mahir walks in and his mother urges him to get ready for the celebrations. Then Yuvi comes down dressed as Mahir’s father and gets him to sign some papers, under the pretext of business. He got his signatures on divorce papers.

Mahir goes to Bela’s room and asks her to speak to him but Yuvi emerges from behind her. He hands over Bela’s phone to her. Bela is about to slap Mahir but Yuvi stops her. She glares at Mahir and storms off from there. Yuvi and Mahir get into an argument.

Mahir and Bela perform the aarti together at the temple. Bela glares at him and Yuvi is very happy to see this.