Naagin 3 was one of the most anticipated TV shows this year and so it goes without any surprise to admit that we had been waiting for the show to hit the television screens with bated breath. Well, the show started with the scene of a red snake crawling its way to the Shiva temple. A woman is seen lying on the floor there, who is surrounded by other snakes. It is Shivangi aka Mouni Roy, who gets up slowly. We are then taken down memory lane, where we see Rocky (Karanveer Bohra) killing Shivangi. She is left pondering why her husband Rocky and father, Ritik, killed her. She is shown dying with a pledge that she will return. This is how Shivangi’s chapter on the show ends. The next chapter opens at the famous Lord Shiva ‘Maha Rudra’ temple next to Mumbai, which is nearly 3000 years old. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan is Not Sure If Taimur Ali Khan is Stretching Post Yoga Or Nap | See Photo

Local samaritans are seen praying there. Andy Sehgal (Chetan Hansraj) wishes to bring the temple down and replace it with a hotel there. Despite the villagers who try to talk him out of it by speaking about the significance of the temple to mankind and the serpants, he orders his men to break the walls of the mandir. Meanwhile, there’s a storm and the panditji present there warns him to think about his decision once again. He is informed that the descendants of the snakes thrive in the haveli and that they shouldn’t be harmed in any way. However, without paying any heed to the warnings, Andy Sehgal’s men begin their task. They are informed that a Naag-Naagin couple protect the temple. But Andy tells the priest that he is a devil incarnate and will destroy. The priest prays to Lord Siva and the temple is infested with serpents. Seeing them, the workers get scared and run away. Also Read - Who is Aliya Kapoor? Check Hot Pics of Shashi Kapoor’s Granddaughter And Kareena Kapoor’s Cousin

Andy Sehgal’s men then inform and advise him to call Shalaka to keep a tab on the snakes but he doesn’t pay any heed to them as he says he doesn’t believe in all this. He tells his men to continue work by getting a contractor. Sehgal leaves the place but we then see one of his men turning into a snake. His kids are shown drinking right in the middle of the forest. Like father, they too are extremely arrogant. The boys are checking out girls outside the restroom. That’s when we see the team of Veere Di Wedding, come for promitions. The boys tease Swara and Shikha and we finally see Kareena Kapoor Khan as Kalindi Puri making a grand appearance. She points a gun at the guys and forces them to apologise. The boys finally leave the place once Avni (Sonam Kapoor) threatens to take legal action against them. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Shares Mesmerising Pictures As She Heads Out To Workout, Says 'Need a Tan'

Humiliated and insulted with the incident, the boys head to the haveli, which is close to the temple. They continue to drink there. It’s a full moon night and Ruhi (Karishma Tanna) has transformed into a human. She is seen dancing and when the boys hear the sound they start to wonder who could it be. Ruhi and Vikrant, the snake couple start getting intimate before tying the knot when they are trespassed by the boys. They lust after Ruhi when she comes there dressed as a bride. The boys start to tease her when she gets angry. However, Vikrant stops her and repeatedly requests them to leave the place. He then makes Ruhi promise him that she will never reveal her true identity.

The boys murder Vikrant who due to the vow given to his Gurji cannot change his form. The group of boys has a good guy, Pratham, who calls up Maahir (Peal V Puri) and tells informs him to come immediately as the boys are drunk and up to no good. Vikrant eventually becomes a snake and the boys are petrified. They take Ruhi as a hostage to stop Vikrant from attacking them. Once Vikrant again takes the human form, he gets killed by the boys. Crestfallen seeing her lover dead, Ruhi swears to seek revenge. Today, we shall get to see another naagin, Anita Hassanandani, make an entry on the show taking her revenge of Vishakha Khanna.

What’s Hot

The show seemed to be quite an engaging and entertaining revenge drama. As far as acting is concerned, Rajat Tokas (Vikrant) and Ankit Mohan were phenomenal. Karishma, on the other hand, looked exceptionally gorgeous in her Amrapali costume. Karishma and Rajat’s chemistry was also a highlight of the pilot episode.

What’s not

The forced promotions of Veere Di Wedding was a major disappointment. Also, the VFX was the major sore point of the show, albeit we must admit it was better than the former season. Chetan Hansraj as the villain was more funny than ruthless.


The show seemed to be an eclectic mix of folklore, supernatural powers, revenge, romance and drama, which is a major talking point of the show. It is definitely a must watch only for the sheer experience. Meanwhile, last night’s episode ended on a high note, and we are very excited to see Anita make her grand entry on the show tonight.