In today’s Naagin 5 episode, Bani takes a new avatar of Rani to challenge Veer as she doesn’t want to play the role of a maid. The strong powers from the angel made Veer forgot who Bani is, so therefore, Bani plays a fake role of a bike rider Rani, who portrays the role of an industrialist’s daughter. The Biker removes the helmet and Veer got stunned after seeing her face. She introduced herself as Rani and said she is quite dangerous and walks away. Veer is not convinced with Rani as he thinks that both of them are same, so he gives a surprise visit at home and even the office to check the real facts of Bani and Rani.Also Read - Anupamaa Big Update: MaAn Fans Can’t Keep Calm as Anuj Kapadia Wards Off Evil Eye For Anupama

On the other hand, Bani gets to know about Aghori’s death who helped her. She feels bad about it and this makes her frustrated. It was Jay who killed Aghori Pandit because he knew that the pandit was helping Bani and he wanted Bani and Jay’s separation. Sapera baba wanted to tell Jay’s truth to Bani so therefore Jay killed him. Also Read - Anupama-Anuj Kapadia Continue The 90s Romance, This Time With Heart-Shaped Parantha - Latest Episode Update

Meanwhile, Jay is in full plan to kill Bani but somehow she escapes from the place. Bani has no idea that Jay is going to kill her. After getting failed in his plan, Jay tries another time to kill Bani. He visits a baba for his help and asks him to give him something so that Bani dies. Also Read - Salman Khan Cries as Bigg Boss 15 Gets Extension of Two Weeks- Watch Promo

In tomorrow’s episode highlight, Bani and Veer will be seen hearing baby’s voice. Bani comes to know that she is pregnant.

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