Naagin 5 November 29, 2020, Written Episode: The episode of Naagin 5 again goes on flashback where Bani is waiting at the living area of her house for Markat. Veer, on the other hand, starts romancing there itself as she doesn’t go inside her room. Veer plays smart as he doesn’t believe that Markat is his mother. Veer and Bani are having a moment they have a romantic fight. Bani sits on Veer’s lap and he tries to kiss her but that doesn’t happen. Markat in her version enters the living room and talks to Bani, while Veer is sleeping. Markat plays with Bani’s mind and disappears. She calls everyone and says that Markat was here in front of her, and when they entered Chandrakala’s room, she was lying there.Also Read - Naagin 6, April 30, Written Episode: Seema Gujral is Maha Asur, Says ‘Mein Rishabh Ko Maardungi’

Bani goes to her room and Jay and Veer follow her. She tries to convince that Markat is playing a big game and we have to be cautious. But no one listens. As soon as Veer tries to sleep, Bani gets up from the bed and take naagin’s avatar. Also Read - Naag Naagin Dance? Video of Two Snakes Twirling Around Each Other Goes Viral | Watch

Markat kidnaps Koyal, who is Kishore Kaka (watchman’s daughter) and Bani follows her, Markat takes her naagin avatar and eats Koyal. Bani cries out loud and shouts. She calls the whole family together and blames Chandrakala in front of everyone. Markat cries and behaves innocently that she has done nothing. Also Read - Naagin 6, March 12 2022, Episode 9 Written Update: Pratha Again Tries to Kill Asur Lalit But Rishabh Saves Him

The security guard also denies that Veer’s mother has done nothing. Kishore leaves and apologises for all the misunderstanding.

As soon as Markat enters her room, she dances happily and take her avatar. There are two Markats and she plays a big game to kill Bani.

Veer and Jai have a brotherly fight. Bani separates them and asks them to focus on Markat. Bani makes a plan that Jay should give security to Bani’s family so that Markat doesn’t kill them. She has given Veer a duty to be with his family members. Veer takes Bani’s mother and sister to her house so that they stay away from Markat. Now, Veer will be keeping a watch on Markat. He also talks about Tapish’s wedding with Meera. While they are discussing wedding plans, Markat attacks them from behind. She blocks Jay and Bani’s family (Ritu, Mehek, Meera and Dahek) in between as they are heading to a safer place. On the other hand, another avatar of Markat stops Bani to reach where Jay is.