Naagin 5 October 10, 2020 Written Update: Tonight’s episode begins with Jay, Shukla, and Mayuri talking about their plan to kill Veer on the full moon night. Veer (Dheeraj Dhoopar) grabs Bani in her arms and fly high up with her and they engage in a war of words. Veer tells Bani that he will kill her but without even touching her. On the other hand, Jay, Mayuri, and Shukla wait with their weapon to strike Bani with. Veer drops Bani and she falls down on the land from the sky and Jay waits for her to come down so that they can kill her and gain her powers. As they gear up to strike Bani, Veer comes and holds her again leaving Banni confused. As Jay and the team witness the same, they leave from the den. Bani asks Veer why he saved Bani and Veer says that it is his place and he is the most powerful here. He further instigates Bani that she can’t attack her until he does that leave her helpless.Also Read - 'Goodbyes are Hard': Manit Joura Gets Emotional as he Leaves Kundali Bhagya

Bani and Veer return back home and once again get involved in the war of words. Jay gets furious after Veer saves Bani as his plan fails once again. Myuri and Shukla try to calm him down. Veer comes to the Jay and the team and they get into a fight. Veer says that he will do whatever he wishes like but Jay tells him to follow his command. Also Read - Naagin 5 Actor Kajal Pisal Tests Negative For COVID-19, Says ‘I Almost Saw My Death Bed’ After Suffering From Vertigo

Bani is in the washroom as Veer also enters inside the room and starts to stare at her as she drapes the saree. Bani sees him and asks him to get out of the washroom. Bani takes the form of Adi Naagin and leaves from the washroom. Bani starts to change and tells Veer that she would have killed him if Lord Shiva had not put the condition. Bani gets angry as he calls Jay a loser. Bani starts to doubt Veer and the next frame shows the real Veer inside the cage. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Actor Arjit Taneja Tests Positive For COVID-19, Under Home Quarantine

Veer’s father comes inside the secret room, where Bani came by mistakenly and finds out that the red stone is missing. The blue-eyed woman, who is trapped behind the wall, says that Bani once knows about the stone and if she uses it, it will bring a big disaster in everyone’s life. Veer tries to romance with Bani and his father enters the room and tells him to come out as he needs to talk about something important. Bani hides behind the pillar to know what’s happening. Veer’s father informs him about the red stone and that it is missing from the secret room. Veer is confused and says what stone is he talking about. Veer’s father reveals that the red stone is very important and only Veer can handle the stone as he is the prince of Cheels. Bani looks into her cupboard and finds the stone. Veer informs Jay about the red stone and the latter goes on to search for the stone.

Veer and Bani fall on each other and seem like the Shaitaani Shakti is falling in love with Bani. Meanwhile, Jay in the Shiv temple starts looking for red stone and about it. Mayuri enters the temple and tells Jay that Veer and Bani are romancing and she doesn’t understand what is there in her that every man falls for her. Jay replies that she has a different aura that attracts people towards her.

Bani opens her almirah and the stone flies away from the room making all cheels fly in the air. Veer’s father asks him to save everyone but he stands there looking at the scene. Bani doubts at Veer’s identity and plan to find out the truth.

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