Today’s Naagin 5 episode starts with Chandni and Veer’s wedding. When Bani comes to know that Veer is on the moon and is all set to marry Chandni, who is his childhood friend, and current vamp of Naagin 5, she decides to reach the moon. Bani uses a magical staircase that will lead her to the venue. But to her surprise, Chandni waits for her arrival. Since both are in love with Veeranshu and want to become his ladylove, they fight out with each other. As soon as Bani reaches the moon, Chandni surprises her by stating her unrequited feelings for her husband, Veer. Also Read - Naagin 5 January 17, 2021 Episode Written Update: Is Bani Losing Her Adi Naagin Powers?

Bani becomes blind and stops Chandni that not to marry Veer as he is already married. She tries to make Chandni understand, but Chandni doesn’t listen and wants Bani to die. She throws Bani from the moon staircase and takes the advantage of Bani’s blindness. Bani falls in the Veer’s mansion. Also Read - Naagin 5 January 16 Episode Written Update: Farishta Attacks Veer And Bani, Will They Die?

Chandni has hypnotized Veer and take him into her trap. He doesn’t have any idea of what’s happening with him and also that he will be marrying Chandni. Veer and Chandni are decked up in the bride and groom avatar. On the other hand, Jay gives Bani the idea to marry someone so that Veer gets possessive and comes back into her life. Jay uses the opportunity and tries to trap Bani as well. Also Read - Naagin 5 Starring Surbhi Chandna-Sharad Malhotra to End in February 2021, Ekta Kapoor’s New Vamp Show to Take Over

Veer gets up from the wedding mandap and says that I don’t want to marry unless I see my family here. Chandni then shows Veer an imaginary screen where he can see and talk to all his family members such as his dad and brothers.

The family members of Veer give him a shock when they announce that even Bani is moving ahead in her life and is marrying Jay. Bani gets ready as a bride in a beautiful blue and silver lehenga. She cries her heart out as she never wanted to take this step. Veer’s father and his brothers support Bani and give her confidence that Veer will definitely come back in her life as he cannot see Bani to marry someone else.

As Jay gets ready for his fake wedding with Bani, his mother Markat appears on a virtual screen and stops Jay to not marry her. Jay shouts at her and tells her to leave. The next scene is from the mandap where Bani and Jay sit for the wedding rituals. Jay and Bani try to make Veer jealous and he somehow is getting jealous.

On the other hand, Veer’s father Balwant visits Markat and slams her for everything. Markat makes him realise that it’s her superpower that has made Veer like this and whatever is happening, is because of her.

Veer starts pheras with Chandni and on the other hand, Bani also takes pheras with Jay. Veer starts swearing vows of love and care which and this makes Bani realise that Veer is back in his senses. Bani is happy to see Veer.

In tomorrow’s episode, Veer will leave Chandni to reunite with Bani. But, Chandni throws her from the moon’s staircase. Will Veer get his powers back and be with Bani after bearing the extreme pain of separation for a long time.

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