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Naagin 5 Written Update, January 3, 2021: Veer Gets His Superpowers Back; Jay Kills Markat

Naagin 5 Written Episode, January 3, 2021: Jay kills Markat to convince Bani that he didn't backstab her.

Published: January 3, 2021 9:22 PM IST

By Kritika Vaid

Naagin 5 Written Update, January 3, 2021: Veer Gets His Superpowers Back; Jay Kills Markat

Naagin 5 Written Episode, January 3, 2021: Today’s episode begins with Bani and Jay who in the jungle getting water from a pond that can help Veeranshu to get his power back. After Bani stores the water in a jar, she calls Veer’s brother Taapish to inform him about her arrival but Taapish and Veer were in the cage. Parikh brothers abducted Veer and Bani comes to know about them. She reaches that place where Veer was caged. Bani finds Taapish, Daksh and asks about Veer. Taapish says they took Veer somewhere else. Veer is seen lying down on the ground unconscious. She said by giving this water Veer will get his power back. When Bani opens the jar, she saw something unsual, she shakes the jar and opens again. When she was giving the water to Veer, in a side mirror, Bani saw Markat hiding behind furniture. Bani realised that there may be something in the jar that is exciting Markat, so she threw the water on Markat’s face.

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Markat shouts in pain. Daksh, Taapish are shocked to see Markat there. Bani says Maarkat mixed poison in this water so that Veer dies. She says she never saw a mother like her and taunts her. Markat says Bani will regret this and says she will take her revenge.

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Veer’s father Balwant gets worried seeing Veer’s condition and asks where is Bani now because she is the one who used to say she will save his son. Bani reaches the cave temple and prays to Shivji for Veer. Bani performs tandav dance to please the lord. Shivji saves Veer.

Veer comes out of his consciousness and his family gets relieved seeing that. He gets his powers back. He asks about Bani. Bani comes there and gets happy seeing Veer with wings. They hug each other. Veer says Bani would have threatened Shivji to help him. Bani tells Veer that Markat and Jay were all set to give him poison however, she saved him. Veer, on the other hand, said that they don’t know that my wife is so strong. When Veeranshu and Bani romance, Jay enters the room and calls Bani. She slams Jay and shouts at him for betraying his brother Veer as he tried to kill him.


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Bani told Jay how could you do this to Veer, you broke our trust. Veer and Bani both shout on Jay and tell him that a naag or someone related to our family cannot kill someone. Bani said that I hate you Jay and ‘I went against Veer to support you but tried to kill Veer’. Bani said I will kill you and in a fraction of a second, she bit him in naagin avatar. On the other hand, Jay stays silent. She asks him to answer her question. He falls down and everyone shocks seeing an arrow on his back. He says she misunderstood him and talks about someone saying that person will kill everyone and loses his consciousness after taking Maarkat’s name. Jay warns the family that Markat will kill everyone.

Balwant tells his sons to throw Jay out of the house but Bani stops them. Jay says he didn’t help Markat to escape. Veer says no one will believe him now. Jay says he killed Maarkat which shocks everyone. Veer refuses to believe him and asks him to not lie. Jay says he has proof for that everyone has to come outside. After reaching the entrance of the house, they see Maarkat’s dead body. Balwant gets happy seeing her dead body. Jay loses his consciousness. Veer gets emotional seeing his mother’s dead body. He said, she was bad but after all she was my mother.

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Published Date: January 3, 2021 9:22 PM IST