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Naagin 6, July 30, Written Episode: Rishabh Learns Kiara is Pratha, Urvashi Attacks Shakti

Naagin 6, July 30, Written Episode: Rishabh is shocked to know that Kiara is Pratha, Urvashi attacks Shakti and more.

Published: July 30, 2022 10:41 PM IST

By Anurag Singh Bohra | Edited by Anurag Singh Bohra

Naagin 6, July 30, Written Episode: Rishabh Learns Kiara is Pratha, Urvashi Attacks Shakti
Naagin 6, July 30, Written Episode: Rishabh Learns Kiara is Pratha, Urvashi Attacks Shakti

Naagin 6, July 30, Written Episode: In the new episode Rishabh Gujral aka Simba Nagpal confesses his love for Pratha to Kiara. Shakti tries to force Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash to consummate with him. Gauri learns about Mehek ak Mahek Chahal and Urvashi’s secret. Pratha executes her final plan to kill Rishabh. Rishabh realizes his love for Pratha while looking at Kiara’s wedding rituals. Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia and Mehek have a new plan to get rid of Shakti. Reem is unhappy with the wedding festivities.

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Reem sets Shakti aka Simba Nagpal free to stop Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Vishal Solanki’s wedding with Kiara. Rehan gets scared to see Vihaan’s ghost and confesses to Rishabh that it was him who committed murders and Pratha was innocent. Rishabh overhears inspector Vijay accusing Heena of being selfish and saying that Pratha  loved Rishabh selflessly.

Urvashi Saves Pratha From Shakti

Kiara and Rajesh Pratap are dancing on their wedding day. while Rishabh is realizing his mistake and recalling his romantic heartfelt moments with Pratha. Kiara accidentally collides with Rishabh while he confesses that he lost his love and feels sorry about it. Kiara asks him what he’s talking about, to which he says sorry while Rajesh Pratap interrupts them and asks her to continue dancing. Divya asks Kiara to get dressed up for wedding. Rishabh gets disturbed and starts consuming liquor at the wedding. Shakti enters Pratha’s room calling her Deepika and tells her he would consummate with her. Shakti forces her on the bed but when Pratha starts shouting he tells her he won’t harm her. Shakti tells her he won’t touch her till she starts feeling the same. Urvashi hits him with a rod and he faints. Pratha transforms into Mehek.

Mehek Transforms Into Naagin

Pratha, while getting dressed for the wedding thinks how life has changed recalling her happier days as Rishabh’s wife. Mehek calls a sub-inspector to get Shakti locked up for few days. When the police officer arrives, Mehek transforms into Naagin and takes Shakti outside secretively. Rajesh Pratap tells Kiara that the way she has been by his side, he too will stand by her forever. Kiara tells him she should thank him rather for changing her life. Rishabh watches their conversation while Reem challenges to God to stop the marriage if he really exists. Urvashi wonders how Shakti came out of the secret room and that too by breaking the iron chains. While Urvashi speaks to the sub-inspector Mehek brings Shakti outside.

Gauri Learns About Shakti

The priest starts chanting mantras at Rajesh and Kiara’s wedding. Rishabh gets drunk while recalling what inspector Vijay and Rehan had said about Pratha. Gauri watches Shakti being taken away and runs to tell Pratha but Mehek sees her. Mehek turns into Naagin and bites Gauri. Gauri doesn’t turn into Naagin in order to hide Pratha’s plan and pretends to faint. As soon as Mehek and Urvashi go inside to bribe the officer, Gauri disappears as she is determined to tell Pratha to tell the truth about Shakti. Rishabh feels heartbroken to see Kiara’s wedding rituals and goes to his room.

Kiara Tells Rishabh She is Pratha

Pratha executes her plan and creates smoke at the wedding and goes away. Rishabh is  looking at Pratha’s picture when she enters his room and stabs him only to realize she was daydreaming. Rishabh sees Kiara and admits he wished Pratha was alive as he doesn’t want to live anymore. Kiara tells him she could help him and is about to stab him but can’t. Pratha tells him she has always loved him and can’t kill him. Pratha accuses him of killing her baby and betraying and goes outside the room. Rishabh’s room catches fire as the candle accidentally falls but he somehow comes out, still half drunk. While looking at the wedding he remembers he has to take Pratha’s picture from the room. The room engulfs into fire and the wedding is interrupted.

Gauri Dies in Front of Pratha

Soon everyone tries to stop the fire but it is unstoppable. Fire extinguisher is used to get rid of the fire while the whole family watches from outside the room. Gauri who disguises as Pratha at the wedding falls to the ground and comes in her real form. Pratha asks her about who did this, but she only hints at two with her fingers and dies. As the fire goes off, a person’s body wrapped in white sheet is taken out.

In the next episode it is almost confirmed that Rishabh died in the fire and Pratha comes to know about Urvashi and Mehek’s betrayal.

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