There’s a new song in town, and it will blow your roof apart, just like a hardcore Woofer would. And aptly titled, the song is called Woofer! The track that was recently released is gaining momentum as it has reached up to 16 million views in just 8 days! Well, what do you expect when Dr Zeus, Snoop Dogg, and Zora Randhawa come together? Even Nargis Fakhri is seen contributing in the vocals, with her appearance in the video like a cherry on top of the cake. While the world listens to the song on loop, check out what Dr. Zeus and Zora Randhawa have to say about the song speaking exclusively to, here below: Also Read - Snoop Dogg Asking NBC to Give Season 2 of Lilly Singh's Talk Show is The Dopest Thing on Internet Today | Watch

Can you tell us something about your song Woofer? What was the most challenging part of making it? Also Read - Nargis Fakhri's Candy Floss Hair-Unicorn Makeup Leaves Fans Wide-Eyed, Rockstar Actor Blames it on Boredom | Watch

Zora: Bringing all the artists together, Snoop Dogg was in LA, Nargis Fakhri was in India, Dr Zeus was in UK and me who was shuffling between in India and Canada. I feel the biggest challenge was to get dates from everybody and getting us together at one place and at the same time. It was great fun altogether and we got to learn a lot from this project. ALSO READ: Ravi Dubey Is Upset With Hina Khan For Insulting Ritvik Dhanjani And Karan Wahi – Watch Video Also Read - Nargis Fakhri's Inspiring 'Health Journey' From '179 Lbs to 152 Lbs' is Enough Workout Motivation!

How was it to work with the industry veterans like Snoop Dogg?

Dr. Zeus: I always believe in the thought that one must believe in oneself, but after meeting him I have started believing more in myself and my capabilities. I think Snoop is very down to earth for who he is and a level-headed person for the achievements of the films and music he has made, there is so much to learn from him.

Zora: Looking at Snoop Dogg and Dr Zeus I find the guys with great heart. I learn every day from Dr Zeus and we share a teacher-student relationship in the studio, while otherwise, he is like a big brother to me who guides me in every aspect of music creation. I learnt a lot from Snoop Dogg too, the best thing is that he is a very down to earth person who knows his job very well, still is very humble.

How was it to work with Nargis Fakhri?

Dr. Zeus: In spite of being absolutely hot looking, I think Nargis is more than just her beauty, as she is a beautiful person too. In spite of the fact that she has worked with big stars, she is so easy to work with. I think Woofer is the best thing that Nargis has done vocally till date, being an American, she has a swag in her voice. In fact, she understood my drift and gave me that little extra, that attitude that I wanted in the song.

Zora: It was good working with Nargis. We had a good time in LA while recording her, she did a good job, she didn’t take that long, and she sounds really good and is in tune. ALSO READ: Govinda: Why Did We Wait For 10 Years For A Partner Sequel?

What is your take on remixing old songs? Are you planning to dabble in it?

Dr. Zeus: I’m all for it as long as it justifies an old track and if it’s going to ruin it, in that case, it should not be touched.

Zora: Yes, we are very much in for REMIXES and in my upcoming album there are two remixes of seven songs that Dr. Zeus is doing.

Which other rappers would you like to collaborate with?

Dr. Zeus: Dr.Dre, Drek, Eminem, 50 Cent and many more whom I would love to collaborate with.

Zora: Oh! There are few like 50 Cent, Sean Paul, Pitbull whom I would like to collaborate with.

What is your message to the budding rappers in the country?

Dr. Zeus: My advice would be to kind of broaden your horizons and listen to more western stuff and try to understand the content, what they are trying to say, the reason why they made it, then to just copying something.

Zora: All I want to say is, if you are really good at rapping and you think you can make a mark, just do it and put your 100 percent.