uday-nargisAre you having a bad day? It’s going to get far, far worse. According to pictures that surfaced yesterday, Uday Chopra was spotted on a beach with a bikini-clad Nargis Fakhri! Now today may be Uday’s birthday but that still doesn’t justify him dating this insanely hot woman. Here are five logical explanations for this surprising picture:

The picture is photo-shopped

uday-abhishekThe most logical explanation would be that this pic is fabricated. Maybe after retiring post Dhoom 3, Uday Chopra has way too much time on his hands and decided that it would be fun to be back in the news again. We would like to believe it’s far more plausible that he was out holidaying with Abhishek Bachchan!

She decided to give him a chance after Dhoom 3

dhoom-3Despite what people said about the movie (plagiarism, worst Aamir Khan-movie ever, illogical), the fact remains that Dhoom 3 is the highest grossing Hindi movie of all time! Perhaps she realised that despite what people said about young Master Chopra, he still was the member of one of B-town’s most powerful families and should be given another chance.

She wanted publicity like Katrina

Ranbir-KatrinaBeing spotted with the Kapoor scion Ranbir did wonders for Katrina’s off-screen image and then we saw her in Dhoom 3. Perhaps Nargis Fakhri thought that being spotted on a beach with a scion of a powerful filmi family is the only way to get the top roles and since Uday Chopra was a known devil, that would be the best option.

She lost a bet about Dhoom 3

Dhoom-3-Uday-ChopraPerhaps she lost a bet with Uday Chopra. Something like: ‘Sure I will date you if Dhoom 3 becomes the highest grossing film of all time.’ May be she also read the script and felt that no way would this Christopher Nolan montage ever become a hit. Poor Nargis, she probably didn’t realise that Aamir Khan can make anything work in this country!

She has poor vision and impaired cognition

uday-chopraPerhaps Nargis can’t see Uday like the rest of us. Maybe she has hypermetropia (far sightedness) and can’t see the same Uday Chopra we see. Or maybe she just has impaired cognition. That’s the only logical explanation. Or else would you hang out with a person who tweets this: ‘Nargis did you know we are related. Your future son’s father is my father’s son.’

Do you agree with the aforementioned reasons? Don’t they make more sense than Uday Chopra actually dating Nargis Fakhri!

Disclaimer: This is a satire piece. We really have no clue why Nargis was spotted with Uday Chopra!


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