Fashion designer and stylist Neeru Randhawa has finally withdrawn the case against ex-boyfriend Armaan Kohli who she dated for three years. This happened following the hearing on Friday after Armaan had submitted an affidavit where he expressed his penitence on assaulting Neeru and later even fulfilled her conditions. Neeru was paid around 1 crore for all the damages she went. Also Read - Former Bigg Boss Contestant Armaan Kohli Out on Bail After Being Booked For Illegal Possession of Alcohol

Neeru also went through a surgery at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital on June 3 after she lodged a complaint with the Santacruz Police Station about being assaulted by Armaan. She calls Armaan a closed chapter and says that it is not for the money that she is closing the case. She said, “If it was about the money, then I would have let the case go on for some years. But I wanted to move on.” Also Read - Armaan Kohli in Soup Following Arrest For Illegal Possession of 41 Bottles of Foreign Liquor

She is thankful to the police, the court and the media for supporting her throughout in her fight for justice. “In future, if he raises his hand on any woman, she can take him to court and have him put in jail. He has been warned that he won’t get any favors from the court if he misbehaves with any woman,” she added. Also Read - Armaan Kohli's Bail Rejected in Physical Assualt Case, to Remain in Custody Till June 26

When asked whether her British passport helped her in getting fast justice then she replied saying time, “…This time, I wanted him to be punished for his actions. Every woman should ask for help from the police and the court. I don’t think having a foreign passport has anything to do with it.” Neeru also talks about how she was upset to see his 90-year-old father “stand in the court for his son’s wrong-doings.”

Neeru even plans to remove the tattoo with his name. She says, “That’s the first thing I’m going to do.” She does not want to look back and sulk but to rather work hard and progress in that. “You will hear more of me, but this time, for my work as I want to establish myself in the fashion industry,” says Neeru.
Talking about her parents, Neeru says that they have been very supportive throughout and that they are happy in whatever makes her happy.