Netflix India has courted itself into a controversy after web series titled Krishna and His Leela shows a male character having sexual encounters with several women and one of the women named Radha. The names of the Hindu deities with an erotic content has irked people and they trended ‘Boycott Netflix’ on micro-blogging site Twitter. People have also termed the show as ‘Hinduphobic’ and an insult to their religion. Many even shared the poster of the show along with the poster of Paatal Lok and Betaal, saying the web series are showing anti-Hindu content. Also Read - Dark Finale Season Twitter Review: Netizens Having 'Mind-Bending' Experience as They Binge Watch Netflix Original Show

Some section of netizens also called out Netflix for showing explicit content with its shows. One user tweeted, “NOW THERE WILL BE NO MORE TOLERANCE How dare you @NetflixIndia to create series from our money only against our own FAITH…….??? To kill one’s faith is a big crime than to kill one individual Zero tolerance against ANTINATIONAL( ANTIHINDUISM)….#BoycottNetflix.” (sic) Also Read - Ahead of Dark Release on Netflix, Netizens Begin Meme Fest as They Wait For The Finale

Another wrote, “Web Series  #KrishnaAndHisLeelaOnNetflix  showing #Krishna have sexual affairs with many women & one of them named as #Radha. The audacity to openly target  #Hinduism wth lies, deceit, propaganda Why always insult our Gods? Because @NetflixIndia is Hinduphobic.#BoycottNetflix.”

However, Twitter is divided and some are just wondering why #BoycottNetflix is trending and many are sharing hilarious memes to keep up with the trend.

Starring Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor, the show revolves around a confused bachelor who is torn between his past and present girlfriends. His indecisiveness spins a web of lies and cheating as he struggles to commit.