Vikram Bhatt’s much awaited and much-loved web series ‘Twisted 2’ starring Nia Sharma is all set to release its first episode today. The trailer of the web series was launched yesterday garnering more than one million views in 24 hours. Nia Sharma has made viewers fall in love with her in the first season of Twister with her clever and smart revenge moves and her glamorous look. In the second season of the web series ‘Twisted 2,’ Nia Sharma is sporting a much bolder and sexy look as Aliyah Mukherjee. Also Read - Nia Sharma Looks Superbly Sexy in Pink Monokini in New Pictures From Jamai 2.0 Shoot in Goa

In the Twisted 2, Rahul Sudhir is playing the role of the cop whose the only mission is to prove Aliyah as a murderer and that she is a mastermind criminal who makes men fall in love with her and then kills them. The story revolves around Rahul making all efforts to prove Aliyah the killer of business tycoon Ranbir Raichand but before he could go anywhere with the murder, there is one more murder in the town and this time it is the murder of Aliyah’s ex-boyfriend. Whether it’s Rahul who killed Aliyah’s ex-boyfriend to avenge her or is it Aliyah herself who left no traces of the murders? Well, to find out what is the hidden catch, we have to watch the series. Also Read - Nia Sharma Looks Unbelievable in a Pink Bikini as She Takes a Stroll on Beach in Goa - Viral Video

The series is full of suspense as one character of the series dies quite early and there are a lot kissing and love-making scenes we witnessed in the trailer, which is intriguing especially for the viewers who followed the series Twisted 1. Also Read - Nia Sharma Breaks Internet With Her Bikini Pictures From Goa; Six Tips to Achieve That Stunning Bikini Body

Watch the trailer here in case you missed it

Interestingly, in this season it’s not only Nia who makes the lasting impression on its audiences but also Rahul who is as revengeful as Nia in the show. The love and hate relationship between the two characters will definitely give a treat of good suspense and thriller.

Have a look at some of the sexy and bold pictures of Nia Sharma

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The Twisted actress has been promoting the Loneranger productions upcoming web series Twisted 2 through her social media account. Earlier, we have also seen some of the songs of the movie been released before the trailer launch.

In a media statement, Nia had said, “Twisted 1 came as a game changer for me since it was my move from TV to a web and also in a completely changed avatar which was tough for me as well. I never thought of myself as a glamorous girl or never thought that I’d ever pull off a character like Aliyah Mukherjee. But it gave me a lot of confidence after it released. Now with Twisted 2, I feel more confident, more glamorous, more experimental in terms of Aliyah’s looks and I’m extremely elated that the story also is so much more deep and impactful than last time… this is a series And a character that will not be written for me each time I go out to find projects. So I’m going to give it my all.”