Deepika PadukoneShahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh starrer, Padmaavat has been perhaps one of the anticipated films of the year. Fans of Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s brand of cinema knew from Day 1 that they had something huge and epoch-breaking coming their way. Despite the many controversies and delays, the film still continues to be the most sought after and awaited films of the year. Today, the makers organised a special screening for the media and a few people from the trade industry and needless to say they are all praises for the magnum opus. While majority of the critics had only praises to shower on the film, Deccan Chronicle described the film as Bhansali’s most courageous film till date, albeit calling its final result to be unimpressive. However, take a look at the reviews of the different publications below: Also Read - Shraddha Kapoor’s WhatsApp Chats With Jaya Saha Reveal Her Seeking CDM Oil, Admits Partying With Sushant Singh Rajput

Filmfare ( 3.5 stars) : The one thing that Padmaavat proves above everything else is the fact that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is an artist. The frames in his films are like masterful paintings. His vision fuels his obsession with history and he’s the right man to recreate the rich and vivid history of India…..Padmaavat is rich in detail, still tells a compelling story with grit and gumption. Sure, the verdict over the jauhar bit will always be open, but the build up to that moment is all class. For a film that doesn’t have a surprise for its ending, Padmaavat still manages to create a lot of thrill. It’s a must watch! Also Read - Deepika Padukone Along With Ranveer Singh Consults Her Legal Team After 5.5 Hours of Interrogation By NCB

DNA (4 stars ) : If you are a fan of the Bahubali format of story-telling Padmaavat will blow your mind. Everything here speaks of grandeur and greatness. Ranveer, from whose point of view, the story unfolds compels you to stay invested in him throughout. You are meant to hate him, but you are found guilty because you come out loving him. Shahid is understated and adds weight to the role of the royal. As for Deepika, well as of today, she is the queen of Indian cinema. And, here she stands tall, speaking eloquently with her eyes and breathing fire when necessary. Fortunately, there is yet another disclaimer saying that the film does not propagate the custom of sati. That having been made clear, the jauhar scene in the film is a highlight. And it leaves you teary-eyed. It is definitely worth a watch, for its scale, story-telling and stellar performances from the lead. Also Read - Drug Cartel Case: Netizens Support Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Trend #IStandWithDeepika, #IStandWithShraddha

BollywoodLife (4 stars) :  The film starts off like a fairytale. Every frame is exquisite and the impact on 3D is manifold. We are introduced to the brave and stunning Padmavati of Singhal. There are quite a few exquisite frames. The first half belongs to Ranveer Singh. From his introductory scene to the one where he hunts down the head of Mongol warlord, Singh is in top form. Deepika looks stunning and Shahid lives up to the character of the proud Rajput. Cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee is mind-blowing and the ‘Ghoomar’ song is a visual delight.

The Hans India : On the whole, Padmaavat is a cinematic gem that you just cannot miss. Tremendous performances, deft direction, power-packed screenwriting and dialogue, melodious soundtrack and of course, the lavish mounting — this film has it all. Strongly recommended!

Deccan Chronicle (2.5 stars) : Sanjay Leela Bhansali makes his most courageous film yet, but sadly the results are not very impressive. The film that is a war epic, love story, and costume drama, all in one, is bogged down by mediocre execution. Much will be said about the film’s daunting length, and the truth is, it could have been shorter. It’s the kind of film that tries too hard to get your attention in the runtime of almost three hours.