Earlier we had reported about Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) former chief, Pahlaj Nihalani turning into a distributor for Julie 2Within two weeks of getting sacked, we hear that Pahlaj Nihalani is all set to be the distributor of an ‘A’ rated movie. What an irony! Also Read - Kangana Ranaut vs Pahlaj Nihalani: Filmmaker Hits Back After Actress' 'Robe Without Undergarments' Statement

The man who used to feel the word ‘intercourse’ is not suitable for a film’s trailer when he was a chief, now says, Julie 2 should get an ‘A’ Certificate without any cuts. Until last month, the kind of product Nihalani opposed to, is now being presented by him. Have you ever encountered such heights of hypocrisy? Also Read - Pahlaj Nihalani Warns Kangana Ranaut Not to Play With Him, Refutes 'Soft Porn' Allegation

Well, today, the theatrical trailer of the erotic sequel Julie 2, helmed by Deepak Shivdasani, has been released. At the launch of the trailer, Nihalani said, “Julie2 will be an eye opener to all those, who have worked and who dream to work in the film industry. They will relate to this film.” Also Read - 'Rangeela Raja':HC directs FCAT to expeditiously hear Nihalani plea

He further added, “I’ve tried to clear every movie till my last day as the CBFC chief and now my role has changed; I am not the CBFC head anymore but a distributor.”

He also went on to say that Julie 2 is a complete adult movie. Nihalani said, “I am just launching my picture and not trying to collect TRP’s. Now it’s all up to CBFC, how they will pass my movie and I will accept their decision.”

He concluded saying, “When the movie Julie 2 will release, then, I will tell you guys whether I am sanskaari or asanskaari.”