The story of the protagonist in ‘Julie 2‘ is based on the life of a well-known glamorous actress of the 1990s and 2000s. The film’s makers are withholding the actress’ name to avoid legal trouble for the film, says its presenter Pahlaj Nihalani. Also Read - Leaked! Raai Laxmi's Raunchy Lovemaking Scene From Julie 2 Will Break The Internet In No Time - Watch Video

As a hint, the actress concerned started her career with a Hindi film featuring one of the Khan superstars. But it was her booming career in the south, in Tamil and Telugu cinema, that made her a star. However, her affair with a married Tamil-Telugu superstar drove her out of the south Indian film industry and she went on to become a big name in Bhojpuri films. Also Read - Julie 2 Trailer 2: Trials And Tribulations Of Raai Laxmi's Character Is The Highlight Of This One

Such incidents and episodes from the real-life actress are replicated faithfully in “Julie 2″”Julie 2” lead actress Raai Laxmi said: “I am not denying the similarities between my character and the actress. These similarities are there. I don’t know if they’re deliberate or just a coincidence.” ALSO READ: (Dabangg 3: I Wanted The Franchise To Have A Fresh Feel To It, Says Arbaaz Khan) Also Read - Zareen Khan - Gautam Rode's Aksar 2 Postponed? - Exclusive

However, Nihalani said: “It’s definitely based on the actress…. In fact, one of the main actors who is a part of our cast was also involved with that actress. We are not naming her as we don’t want our film to be stopped. But once the film opens next Friday, it will be obvious to all which real-life actress Raai Laxmi is playing.”

Recently Raai Laxmi revealed some shocking details of an audition process that involved an aspiring actress who happened to be her friend. “Girls are made to strip down to their undergarments so that their bust and hipline can be checked out. Also, they are made to don bikinis in studios. Worse still, they are made to strut about,” she told SpotBoye.

“One of my model friends from a small town decided to try her hand at acting. When she reached the audition, she was told that she should show them an expression of ‘moaning in sexual ecstasy’! She was also told to touch herself!! The film had intimate scenes no doubt, but is this how a girl should be treated in a test of talent, which in fact should be the sole criterion of selection but unfortunately is not,” she added.