Pakistani actor Mikaal Zulfiqar talked about Bollywood actors’ reaction to Pulwama attacks in his latest interview with BBC Asian Network. When asked to comment on the attacks, he revealed that an actor has to be a peacemaker. He praised the stance of Pakistani artists and mentioned they showed a great gesture by behaving well when the propaganda was being run. Mikaal said that the artists of his nation have always taken their best foot forward towards friendship even when they were not treated well in India. Also Read - Jammu and Kashmir: NIA Arrests 6th Accused, Key JeM Aide in 2019 Pulwama Attack

Mikaal was quoted by BBC Asian Network saying, “an actor needs to be neutral, he needs to be a peacemaker if anything.” He went on to praise Akshay Kumar for his statement that he made in an old viral video about Pakistan. Akshay said, “kuch log terrorism karte hai, country terrorism nahin karta” when a reporter told him that everytime someone talks about terrorism, Pakistan’s name is discussed. Now, Mikaal said that even though he doesn’t know whether Akshay made that statement before or after the Pulwama attacks, his stance is applaudable. The actor, who has worked with Akshay in Baby (2015), added that what Akshay said is something he would have wanted to hear from other people at the Indian side during Pulwama attack. Also Read - Pulwama Suicide Attack: 19-year-old Youth Bought Chemicals on Amazon to Make Explosives, Reveals NIA

Mikaal said, “I’d like to commend Pakistani actors here that despite facing propaganda, despite facing bans, despite being misused to some extent in India they have always extended a hand of friendship and tried to bridge the gap.” The actor earlier swore to never work in the Indian film industry after starring in Baby. He had claimed that he wasn’t informed about Baby being an anti-Pakistani film by the makers even when he asked them specifically about the same. Mikaal said he wasn’t a part of the initial shooting and was present on the sets only for his scenes. He added that it was only after the film got released that he got to know it was an anti-Pakistani film. Also Read - 'Wanted to Show Ghus Kar Maarenge,' Says Ex-Air Chief Dhanoa on First Anniversary of Balakot Airstrikes