Actor and Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra found himself in between the war of words after his video went viral on social media where he and Mahiira Sharma were seen distributing essentials to the people in need during coronavirus lockdown. However, it did not go well with couple Jay Bhanushali and Maahi Vij, who trolled them for showing off and called it a ‘PR stunt’. Also Read - WATCH: Paras Chhabra Spills The Beans on Actual 'Masla' Between Mahira Sharma-Shehnaz Gill in Bigg Boss 13

Now, reacting to the controversy, Paras opened up about it and said that they were trying to inspire people to come forward and help the needy people. Speaking to TOI, he said, “I have come across the comments that someone has been making. I don’t want to name him. Honestly, speaking I know that person has this attitude of criticising everything. They are not doing anything and are at home. They are sitting at home in airconditioned room and making comments about me.” Also Read - Bigg Boss 13 Rumoured Couple Mahira Sharma-Paras Chhabra Step Out in Mumbai to Distribute Food, Video Goes Viral

“When people sport branded clothes and share pictures on social media tagging the brands, these people don’t find objection in it and they don’t see it as show-off, but when I am trying to do some good deed they feel it is show-off. We were trying to inspire others especially the youngsters and our fans to come forward and help these needy people. It was like telling people from well to do families that they can even help needy people. We adhered to all the guidelines that are set by WHO. We were wearing masks, gloves and maintaining social distancing”, he added.

Talking about his idea of charity, he said, “They don’t have food, gloves, masks and these are the basic essentials that everyone should have, we were just trying to help them and do our bit. They are daily wage workers and because of no work, they don’t have money to buy things. In fact, I had been noticing things for quite some time. Whenever I stepped out of the house during lockdown, I used to see them standing near the grocery shop asking for food. I felt like doing this and I asked Mahira about it and she also liked the idea so we decided to do it. I see nothing bad, we are earning today and by God’s grace we have money, why can’t we shell out some for the needy. Why will I or Mahira show off and what will we get from this. I don’t want this kind of publicity and in the first place we have just come out of such a big show and we did great in it. Why will we need publicity?

He further stated, “Mahira and I are already seen on TV because of the Bigg Boss 13 rerun. We have been seen on TV since last 7 months from September, I was part of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge also, I don’t need such publicity. When there is so much scare due to coronavirus why will we risk our life just to show-off. They are saying that they have not named anyone, but our fans are very smart and everyone knows who they were hinting at. It shows their shallow thinking. Now, after all this I can also say, even I haven’t named anyone.”