Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra lashed out at former girlfriend Akanksha Puri for humilating him an  telling everyone that he is bankrupt and does not have any money. Slamming Akanksha, Paras said that she does not own any identity of her own and is only known as his girlfriend. Also Read - Mahira Sharma Talks About Her Chemistry With Paras Chhabra in Song Baarish

In a conversation with ETimes, Paras said, “Even you have struggled so much in your career, you are working in a show for last three years, but now people are knowing you only as Paras’ ex. You are telling people that I earn 5 k per day, so what? Everyone starts from scratch and I don’t have any shame in admitting it. You are trying to shame me by telling people about my per day. You are going around saying that you have made me and I was nothing.” Also Read - Paras Chhabra Denies Allegations, Claims he Had a Barter Deal With His Stylists During His Stay in Bigg Boss 13 House

Talking about how Akanksha used to manipulate him, Paras said, “I realised that she had problems when I was with my friends, her co-stars and friends. Soon, I stopped going out I used to just sit at home, work out and watch TV. I couldn’t hangout with my friends as she didn’t like it and she used to say that her friends didn’t like me so I had no option. I was very disturbed in my life because of all this. Also, we had age difference so our mentality did not match.” Also Read - Paras Chhabra's Bigg Boss 13 Designers Claim he Didn't Pay Them And Damaged The Clothes

“I was always called sanskari playboy because I always new my limits and I never crossed them. All the girls of the house felt comfortable with me and no one ever said that I tried to misbehave with them,” he said.