Parijoon Immy Makes You Fall in Love With Assam With Her Latest Outing ‘Hori Hey’

With 'Hori Hey', Immy isn't only promoting Assamese culture but will also make you fall in love with picturesque Assam!

Published: October 8, 2020 7:04 PM IST

By Entertainment Desk

Parijoon Immy makes you fall in love with Assam with her latest outing “Hori Hey”

Listening to music is the best way to refresh yourself. No matter how you feel, there are songs for every moment. Indian music has also come a long way over the years and it’s ever-changing. Currently, upbeat songs are in demand due to which the younger generation has overlooked devotional songs. With ‘Hori Hey’, Parijoon Immy successfully achieves to connect youngsters with the genre of devotional music. The Assamese singer Immy has released a scintillating track titled ‘Hori Hey‘ which will make everyone fall in love with devotional songs all over again. The song is very pleasing to ears, all thanks to the excellent mix of contemporary beats and retro feel. The song is shot in the exquisite panoramas of the Brahmaputra, which supplements further depth to the song.

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Immy’s ‘Hori Hey‘ is a devotional track like Naam Kirtan and Bogreet. From the music to the lyrics everything befalls flawlessly. It is a song that will be cherished by everyone. The song also illustrates the rich and vibrant Assamese Culture. From Assamese Kshatriya dance to Assamese traditional drama known as Bhaona to traditional Assamese music instruments, the song depicts Assam in the best way possible.

Parijoon Immy has been successfully promoting Assamese culture through her music throughout the world and reviving some marvelous Assamese tracks. With ‘Hori Hey‘ Immy isn’t only promoting Assamese culture but will also make you fall in love with picturesque Assam! After watching the video of this artistic song, you will feel compelled to pack your bags and head to the gorgeous state of Assam and explore the amazing scenery.

With this song, Immy fills the gaps that are keeping millennials away from experiencing the rich culture of our nation. The song is dedicated to mother nature; urging the divine to help mankind defeat the global pandemic COVID-19 and also give strength so that people can take care of themselves and others from all other catastrophes. If you are looking to recharge yourself amidst these difficult times, ‘Hori Hey‘ from Parijoon Immy is the song you should not miss. Give it a try, we are pretty sure that you will adore the song and end up keeping it in your playlist.

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Published Date: October 8, 2020 7:04 PM IST