Despite the controversy, Sony TV’s Pehredaar Piya Ki continues to air, and of course a few people, who didn’t stand up against the objectionable content of the show continue to watch it on daily basis. Tonight’s episode of Pehredaar Piya Ki started with Diya saving Ratan from the falling rock on just about right time. On the other hand, Jumki, who has been eyeing on Diya’s phone succeeds to take it in her absence, but then Diya is smart as she has a lock on her phone. Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan Ready To Host Bigg Boss, Kaun Banega Crorepati 9 Gets It's First Crorepati, Pehredaar Piya Ki 2 Promo Out: Television Week In Review

There is an argument going on between Diya and Ratan as the former scolds him as he tries to explain that the tock falling down was not his fault. After a while Diya calms herself down, and they both make a list of things she says. While that is happening, a sad Jumki leaves Diya’s phone back in the room and calls up the lawyer and tells him that she can’t unlock Diya’s phone. But the lawyer tells her that she has to find the lab number as soon as possible. Also Read - Pehredaar Piya Ki Season 2 Promo: Tejaswi Prakash Dons A Royal In A Green And Yellow Lehenga

While Diya is worried as time is running out, Nitya comes there and hints that Maharaj can’t lose the list. Ratan is smart enough to understand that Maharaj was lying. He goes to him, as Nitya says that he is Dada Hukum and Maharaj won’t be able to argue with him, but then Diya stops Ratan and asks him not to misuse his authority. ALSO READ: Pehredaar Piya Ki 24 August 2017 Written Update Full Episode: Will Diya Be Able To Complete Her First Task And Impress Choti Thakurain? Also Read - Salman Khan's Comment On Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar Coming To TV, Bharti Singh's Pre-wedding Shoot, Marriage On Cards For Gautam Rode: Television Week In Review

Jumki comes up with a plan to unlock Diya’s phone as she asks her to unlock it so that she could send the picture of a prescription to someone, and Diya being naive opens her phone and gives it to her.

Ratan tricks Maharaj and checks all his pockets but can’t find grocery list. Jumki wonders where Maharaj kept it. Maharaj removes his turban and the paper was in his turban. Jumki thinks she will have to do something so Ratan doesn’t help Diya. Ratan informs Diya that he couldn’t find the list. Diya tells him no problem as she decides to go to the supermarket and buy some random groceries.

Now that she unlocked the phone, the lawyer gets all the data from the phone. This is when Diya relaises that her phone is gone for long, and understands that someone is trying to get the lab number. But we told you Diya is smart, right? She has already deleted the lab number from her phone and this pisses off the lawyer.