If you have ever attended a concert by AR Rahman, you know that there is no feeling of unhappiness at the end. It’s not like a Justin Bieber concert, where end up being disappointed because the singer lip-sync his songs. So it came as a surprise when many people decided to walk out of Rahman’s concert that was held in Wembley, UK on July 8. It were mostly the Hindi speaking fans, who were not happy because “most of the songs were in Tamil”. Now, this reason might be valid for them, but largely, it’s stupid. Also Read - 10-Year-Old Indian Girl Makes it to Semi-Finals of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, Wows Judges With Her Impressive Singing | Watch

First of all, we have to get it clear that Rahman is from Tamil Nadu. His title is ‘The Mozart of Madras’, not Mumbai. And if your geography is f*#ked up, then let me tell you that Madras is Chennai, which happens to be the capital of Tamil Nadu where people speak Tamil. ALSO READJustin Bieber Purpose Tour: Media LEAVES AR Rahman’s concert midway to entertain the Canadian pop star? Also Read - AR Rahman Gets Legal Notice From Madras Court in Income Tax Case

Also the name of the concert was ‘Netru, Indru, Naalai’, which makes it pretty obvious that the songs would be in Tamil. I don’t know what the Hindi speaking fans, who are asking for a refund thought when they read that name. Also Read - SP Balasubrahmanyam in ICU: India Prays For The Legendary Singer as His Sister Says He's Stable

And if you are still cribbing that you had to sit through Tamil songs, then you are not a fan of music at all. Remember, that cliche, which goes like music has no language? I mean, we can dance to Gangnam Style (which btw is not the most watched song on YouTube anymore) without even understanding a single word, we can definitely not just ‘sit through’ but enjoy Tamil songs too.

Anyway, check out what the Hindi speaking fans have been posting on Twitter after the concert:

But there were some people who had some sense in them:

Watching AR Rahman perform live is an experience in itself, so whether he sings in Tamil, Hindi or japanese for that matter, we are bound to be blown away from his music. Also it’s not that there were no Hindi songs sung at the Wembley concert. Kun Faya from Rockstar, Patakha Gudi from Highway, there were quite a few Hindi tracks that were performed. Check the list of all the songs below:

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