Diwali times can be hard when away from your loved ones, and you just don’t know how to best redeem these holidays that are bestowed upon you. And if you’re tired of binge-watching movies for this long weekend that is racked up, there happens to be more for you the internet can offer. Though the Bollywood and TV production houses are trying their best to be more relatable, it is the web series folk on platforms like YouTube who are making the best of the afforded free hand. So that you make the best of this long weekend, we’ve listed down five of the best Indian web series which are free to watch, and easy to enjoy. Check them out:Also Read - EXCLUSIVE : Vishal Vahshishtha, Ahsaas Channa And Saurabh Ghadge Answer Rapid Fire Questions | Watch

Permanent Roommates

Starring soon-to-be on Veere Di Wedding actor Sumeet Vyas, opposite Nidhi Singh in what is one a realistic and hilarious take on modern day relationships, and is perhaps one of the most acclaimed web series you’ll find out there. With Vyas’s effortless portrayal of the goofy Mikesh and Nidhi playing the modern day girl trying to cope with life as it happens, the couple will keep you hooked to your screen for hours straight. The series follows the story of a couple who have been in a long distance relationship for the past three years and now when they finally meet, the prospect of marriage awaits them. Also Read - Better to Split Up Once You Start Doubting Your Partner: Martina Hingis on Bhupathi-Paes Partnership


The Viral Fever’s (TVF) Pitchers is one of the pioneers of the Indian web series scene, being around since 2015. The show has received plenty of love and has donned one of the best web series list. The show follows the lives of four youths who quit their jobs in order to enter the wild world of entrepreneurship. At one point the show’s ratings boosted it to IMDB’s Top 250 list of TV shows as well, which is an incredible feat. We believe pitchers is not a bad place to begin. Also Read - This Indian Web-Series Explores Alternate Reality Like How Black Mirror Did | Interview With Creator Natasha Malpani Oswal


Tripling is one of those shows which reiterate the term La Familia Es Todo (Family is everything). This show of seven episodes only is not something you watch too often. This show, again starring Sumeet Vyas in the lead role, follows the life of three siblings and their messed up lives as they seek each other out as a last resort to all their problems. And voila, they do come around to find them. The show follows the lives of the three siblings as they come across each other to embark on a road trip to Manali.

Bang Baaja Baarat

Starring Ali Fazal in the lead role, Bang Baaja Baarat is a take on the modern day marriages. Since arrange marriages are a thing of the past, this couple falls in love and very soon decide to get married. All is good in the beginning, but as their lives unfold and the families get involved, the real problems began to appear, with the added pressure of the difference of cast and culture adding to the mix. The show is hilarious, addictive and another one that can you keep binge watching.

Man’s World

Ever imagined how it would be if a the gender roles of a man and a woman is exchanged? Not really, right? Too hard to imagine? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. This show happens to want to introduce you to the that very thing. YFilm’s Man’s World follows a fictional account of a guy whose life is turned upside down as he now lives in a world where women are the dominating gender and all the issues faced by women today are faced by him. Now this is incredible, isn’t it?