Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev is held in custody in the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai, after being accused of rape by a 23-year-old actor-model. And following that, there have been quite a few revelations from all sides about the actor and his seemingly shaken personal life. Only a couple of months ago the actor announced his divorce with estranged wife Akangsha Rawat, the reason of which he cited to be irreconcilable differences in their lifestyle and way of thinking. But as per latest revelations from his ex-wife, the actor was estranged to his brother Gireesh Sahdev and sister Meher Vij, both popular TV actors, for quite some time. ALSO READ: Piyush Sahdev Rape Case: Beyhadh Star’s Bail Plea Rejected, Actor Sent To Arthur Road Jail Also Read - Haryana Shocker: Minor Girl Found Pregnant After Being Drugged, Raped; Accused Arrested

In a statement, Akangsha said, “Piyush and Gireesh were already estranged when I first met Piyush. It is sad that they have targeted me. When I met Piyush in 2011, he told me that he is estranged from his brother, Gireesh since years.” She also claimed that it was her who patched things up between Piyush and Gireesh. She said,”They had a physical fight over Gireesh’s wife. Piyush also shared how Meher always ignored him, meeting only occasionally when really needed. I patched them up before our marriage in 2012.” ALSO READ: Beyhadh Actor Kushal Tandon Defends His Co-star Piyush Sahdev, Says He Isn’t Guilty Of Rape Unless Proven By Court Of Law Also Read - MP Shamed Again: Grandfather Rapes 6-year-old In Front of Her Toddler Brother, Gives ₹20 to Keep Mum

She further divulged, “There was always animosity between them. The proof is their social media pages. If you check their Facebook or Insta, you will not find any pictures of Gireesh and Piyush together in 2010 or before that. There are hardly any pics with Meher. So, now in the midst of this huge controversy why am I being blamed? How am I related to this case?” Piyush Sahdev was arrested by the Versova Police on December 22, 2017 for raping a 23-year-old actress/model. There is buzz suggesting that the actor had been dating the model, however, she discovered later that he was two-timing her and hence refused to marry her. Keep following this space for more updates. Also Read - Pune Cab Driver 'Gave Sedatives And Raped' Woman on Her Way Home; Booked