Mumbai: If there is one debate related to Bollywood that remained the same over the years, then it obviously is ‘insider vs outsider.’ Several celebrities, journalists and other people have repeatedly raised this issue and have shared their experiences of facing discrimination. But despite this all, one cannot forget that there are people who were probably the outsiders but today are the leading stars of the Indian Film Industry. One such actor is Prachi Desai, who is undoubtedly a gem in Bollywood, thanks to her courage, hard work and determination. But, what are her views about this perpetual debating topic?Also Read - Kiara Advani Backs Karan Johar in Nepotism Row: 'He Took me When I Was a Nobody'

In an exclusive interview with, Prachi shared her thoughts on being an outsider in Bollywood. Talking about the same, she said that it’s something one cannot deny and that this discrimination will always remain the same. ‘It has always been there. It is still there and it will probably be there. It’s a reality, you just have to accept it. There is no point denying it,’ Prachi said. On being asked if she has experienced the same, Prachi nodded and said, ”All the time, for sure. All the time”. She went on to say that this discrimination is also reflected in the way people behave with you. ”Whether it’s the way you are treated, whether it’s the way you are spoken to. If you really want to try for a specific role and the feedback that you are met with, it’s there in your face all the time.” However, Prachi refrained from taking names and said that she wants to raise hope among people. Also Read - Nawazuddin Siddiqui Says 'More Than Nepotism, Racism is a Problem' in Bollywood

Prachi started her acting career with television and became extremely famous following her role in Ekta Kapoor’s Kasamh Se in which she was the lead opposite Ram Kapoor. Prachi then quit television and entered Bollywood in 2008 with Rock On. Since then, Prachi has worked in several successful films including Azhar, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai and Bol Bachchan. Also Read - Nia Sharma Slams Star Kids and Those Supporting Them: 'Take The Name Aside, Will You Look At Them Twice?'

During the interview, Prachi also talked about if she would ever think about coming back to television and said, ”Daily soaps in India take up your life. They take up all of your time. That’s a deciding factor which is why I bid goodbye to TV a long time ago. It’s too time-consuming. Secondly, I feel like, unfortunately, it’s not like in the west where you can be one of the world’s biggest stars by being a TV star.” She also expressed her views about the scripts of daily Hindi soaps and added that ”Roles in TV especially for women, which we have, I feel it is very difficult to relate to. I feel there’s a need for the content which is way better written.”

Prachi’s latest release, Silence…Can you hear it? has been released on Zee5 in which she is playing the role of a cop for the first time. The movie also features Manoj Bajpayee and Arjun Mathur among other actors.